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European Petrolhead Roadtrip 2019 - Update #2

With the roadtrip getting close, it is time for update #2. With roads, cities and sights already discussed, there is only one thing left. The car.

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Welcome back

Sadly I have been busy so I didn't have the time to write at all. That's why this post is two weeks after the first update went online. But let's push these excuses aside and let me tell you about the car that my dad and I will be using during our trip.

It's an Audi

As you might have guessed by the picture I just took from the internet, we will be driving an Audi A5 Sportback from 2012. It has the S-line package inside and out with leather and Alcantara (I believe) seats, which are really comfy. But with all the comfort it still has a bit of fun in it. Sure, it's not the S5 with the 4.2L V8. But the 3.0L V6 diesel still packs a punch with 180 kW (241 hp) and 500 Nm (369 lb-ft) of torque. Accelarating is as easy as can be, and with that comes the danger of going above the speed limit before you know it. The reality is that it can always be more sporty. And I would love to do some roadtrips in a real sportscars. But at this moment in time, that is just not happening. And I am fine with that. I realise that the A5 is a great car to do this trip in. It has all the space you should need and it's not sluggish at all. I may even say that I am fortunite to have a dad that can afford this car.

My dad's car history

As is hinted at in the part above, the A5 is my dad's own car. With this article being kind of short, I thought it might be fun to take a look at my dad's car history. Only looking at more interesting cars. Because I reckon nobody really wants to read about a standard Audi 80 Avant and a Volkswagen Passat, two cars that I can still remember from when I was little.

So a couple of years back my dad bought a Porsche 924, for my mom. It might be a more practical Porsche but since my mom doesn't like to drive bigger cars, she now drives a 2005 Mini Cooper and is a little scared to drive the A5 because of its size, she would drive the 924 the most. Apart from the weekends when my dad and I took it out to drive. Sadly he sold it. Because it had some problems I don't remember anymore. But that 924 created a soft spot for the 924/944. I'm even thinking about getting one as my first car. Although when that moment comes around I will have to think about it again, as prices are getting higher on Porsche's transaxle line-up of that time.

My dad also owned 3, not at the same time ofcourse, Fiat X1/9's. The Bertone designed little cars may not be the fastest but are really fun. Or, that is what I have been reading online and hearing from my dad, as I still have to drive one. I can remember a video on Youtube that I watched a long time ago where it was featured. It had the title '10 slow cars that are fun to drive fast', or something like that. All three cars were owned in a time when me and my sister were not around at all. I don't know around what time my dad owned them, but he loved them for sure. If I ask about the little Fiat's, he always tells me that people at the campsite all around Europe would look in awe when he and my mom took all their stuff out of the car. With it being mid-engined it had a lot of room for bags and other stuff you need on holiday. Atleast for two grown-ups that would travel for two weeks around Europe, mostly France, and camp. My dad says that taking off the roof and putting it in the front would not limit the space by that much, so that's a win-win I guess. He still is a bit sad that he sold them, he thinks that by now they are probably all rotten as there aren't a lot driving around anymore. I really think that if I would buy one now or in a couple years, he would steal it from time to time to just go around with it. Might be kind of fun to witness.

Ending it here(?)

With some of the roads, cities. sights and now the car discussed I can say that I did it all. The articles might not be the best, but I loved writing them and it does make me excited to do some more. If I remember correctly I said I might vlog, or at least capture, some of the trip. And I think I will. The least I can do, and will, is write an article after we are back. Just writing about the adventure would be a nice closure to this series. If I do vlog I might post it here via a link or something. But I'm probably a bit to shy to vlog in front of people, let alone my dad, and also post it online for people to watch. For now: I want to thank all of you who have been reading my articles and giving a bump or even leaving a comment. I really appreciate it!

Let me know in the comments if I should vlog/make a video about the trip! Or would it be nice to sit down with my dad and talk about all the cars he has owned so I can make a more detailed series of articles about that? Just let me know and I can set up a plan of some sorts!

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