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European Petrolhead Roadtrip 2019 - Update #1

With the last post on my European Petrolhead Roadtrip (EPR) being more than a week ago, it is time for an update. This time about cities and museums!

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"When you go to stuttgart, also visit the Mercedes Museum"

Boris Brienza - on Drivetribe


In my last article I asked about some tips and recommendations from you guys about where my dad and I should go if we had the time. As I already told I would visit the Porsche museum, someone in the comments also said the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart is worth a visit. Before I move on with this article, I would like to thank the people who commented on my last one. It did make me want to write updates and keep it all up to date!


As you might have guessed, there are some museums we are planning on visiting. Or actually, I am. As my dad only knows that we are going to Monaco via roads that are definitely not highways - with the exception of a piece of Autobahn here and there - and with a stop in Stuttgart.

So the first museum that is on the list is the Porsche Museum. My dad and I have been Porsche fans for as long as I can remember, probably because he gave me the virus. With the Porsche 917, as well as the 914, turning 50 years old this year there will be a special exhibiton of the two while we are there. Which is nice, because although I have seen the 917 in action a couple of times on the circuit of Zandvoort, it is still great to see a couple of variants next to each other.

The Mercedes Museum that has been recommended actually didn't cross my mind when I was researching places. Which is strange now, if I think of it. Because Boris said it is huge. With a total exhibition space of 16.500 square meter, I can't say he was wrong. If I understand their website enough, at the moment there are exhibitions about the Legends of the brand as well as a general collection of great cars. All divided over 9 levels with a total of 160 cars. With that in mind I cannot wait to go! Luckily it is less than a month away.

This next one I'm not sure if it really is a museum. It's more of a meeting place, museum and general petrolhead place in one I think. I'm talking about Motorworld, in Stuttgart this time. I know there are more locations and that is why we will probably will visit the one in Cologne as well. Why? More on that later. The thing about Motorworld that attracts me is how accessible it is. Admission is free and there is just a lot to see. The reason that I also want to visit the one in Cologne, is because of the exhibition of Michael Schumacher's personal F1 collection that his family has put out there. My dad and I are both F1 fans and watch every race together if we can. Now I am too young to really know all about Schumacher's era when he was with Ferrari or his time before that. Which in this case is kind of nice, because my dad can tell me some things about it.

NΓΌrburgring Nordschleife

Somewhere between the cities of Cologne and Stuttgart lays the NΓΌrburgring Nordschleife. And yes. The legendary circuit is also on the list for a visit. If my dad wants to get his car on track, I will gladly join him. If not, I understand. If you do, you do take a risk. But I might have a back up plan to persuade him to do so. But that involves a certain someone/company from Youtube that know their way around the track. It needs some planning that I still have to look into. Taking the car on track or not, I still want to visit and see what's going on around that time.


With a big chunk of Germany covered, I am going to end this article. I said I would keep the updates a lot shorter than my first post. So I will keep my promise and do just that. Like last time I would like to ask everybody who have read this to join the conversation in the comments and throw some recommendations to me. It doesn't matter if it's a road/route, a museum, a city or even a place that is not car related at all. I want to know your thoughts!

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