Don't listen to Apple, listen to common sense!

3w ago

Yesterday, it was reported that the EU was planning to pass legislation that would force phone manufacturers to create universal chargers for mobile devices - specifically, the EU wants manufacturers to make and sell USB-C chargers in Europe.

Apple has criticised the legislation, saying it would "harm innovation", while the EU has said that such legislation would cut down on waste, as the European Commission's research has found that 11,000 tonnes of waste per year are generated by unused charger cables.

I see this proposal as incredibly genius, not only because it will calm down Greta Thunberg, but also because it's extremely pragmatic. Think about it: if your phone is running out of battery at home or in public, you do not need to have a seizure, worrying that you will not find a person with the correct charger, or that the charger will not be available in a shop.

Therefore, we can push Apple's whining about "stifling innovation" aside, because the EU's legislation is not only green, but also what we all need if we want to keep our phones constantly charged.

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Comments (2)

  • This would be a great advancement, Apple are only whinging because people won't have to pay a fortune for one of their chargers

      21 days ago
  • Not at all related to driving or cars in general...

      23 days ago