EV too expensive to contribute to society? Now you can hire one instead!

Who says you need a Tesla to relish performance and be risible?

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EVs, EVs and more EVs! These all-pervasive and most significantly, all-purpose placid machines are clearly the future and the onset of the disgusting virus just accentuated that thought. When we got to know initially that we would be bereaved of the ear-deafening cacophony of the gasoline machines, we loathed to loathe the conception of EVs but consolidating sense to the thought and observing how beneficial these hushed and rapid machines were, we have come to terms with the idea bearing no estrangement against it, whatsoever.

However, there are certain countries to tag where the tax structures are exorbitantly rigid because of which a melange of parsimonious environmentalists who yearn to conserve the ecosystem haven't had the opportunity to do so. Moreover, the cars available in the market such as the Chevrolet Bolt and at the high-end of the parochial price spectrum, Teslas were anyway overwhelmingly dear to own. As this decade shoulders the responsibility to obligatory herald the arrival of EVs, here is the outright cost-effective solution or wait, I have erred, solutions as there are three by the British carmaker Riversimple that allows you to pay on the go! No ownership hassles, no investment bottlenecks, just unruffled thrill of driving while you make your contribution towards society which is needed.

The company harangues a trio of snazzy and future-inspired bodystyles encompassing a sedan, a minivan for scampering along ferrying a family and even a sports car, though that is yet to morph into a concept. But one ogle at these and many of us would sway towards driving them.

Starting with the one, the car enthusiasts would instantly develop a euphoria for, a 2-door sports coupe christened 'Rasa,' strictly a two-seater, we can presume it's here to provide sleepless nights to the much famed Tesla Roadster. This means it will have to dart from zilch to 62 mph in 1.8 seconds, at least! While that might astonish you, what will leave you enchanted, is its design. Taking several significant attributes from its computer generated blueprint, we can expect a model bearing similarities with the Lotus Elise. Stubby proportions, lending it an almost toy-car like appeal can be useful to scud through the traffic and will make parking, an easy task too. The blueprint also doesn't exactly reveal if it would have long and exposed fenders at the front and back but expect the rear wheels on both sides cached under the body like in the Honda Clarity. The boomerang-shaped tail lights arouse a retro theme with the rotund lights which is unique if a bit polarising for some. Finally, one gets a delectable dose of appetising British delicacies through split sections on the drooping rear glass area. What about the figures? As the company hasn't spilled the beans on that, let me know in the comments your expectations so that a Riversimple exec reading this knows how much he has to deliver to his clientele (Pun definitely intended!).

Before reading about the next car, invite your dad to accompany you as this is likely to make more sense to a 'family man.' Yes, you have thought of the right car, it is a minivan. One which might look akin to the Peugeot Partner when it is ready for its journey on the tar. The concept unfurls a smart yet nifty and subtle minivan with the mantra of space optimisation. Disc-like wheels, a curvy hood, wheels snugly tucked under the body and an almost hunkered-down stance are some takeaways. This means the minivan is expected to be one much better than just being a cargo hauler. One that you wouldn't mind driving even for leisure.

Lastly, the brand has also showcased a concept in a segment which is dragging itself to grapple against the behemoth-like share occupied by the SUVs. A four-door coupe. With the Rolls-Royce like layout for the door handles, a relatively upright stance and several creases flowing at the rear, this is something you should pay heed to indelibly. The svelte tail lamps also add to its pizzazz. A distinct feature is that the doors open like that of a chartered plane or a helicopter for easy ingress and egress.

It's somber that the company hasn't shown the interiors. However, the order books are open to book yours. The reach of the brand and the location and number of manufacturing plants is also under investigation yet. But as I see it, when this brand forays into the mobility space, it will provide consumers with a sweet deal that's too tempting to be false. The choices include cars which are likely to be scrumptious, smooth, Teutonic and feature-laden. The fact that these will be offered for rental purposes gets one financially sorted as well. Too good to be false then, or too good to be true? Let me know.

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