Evasive Kei Car - Tomica Nissan Pino

Shockingly rare...

Even though I have been on an absolute tear with building and posting apocalypse creations... I still have been collecting little oddball cars in the background to satiate my lust for eBay window-shopping.

I love stupid little kei car hatchbacks. <3 I have a dedicated section of my diecast collection just for these lovely little unsung heroes of grocery transport. Pretty much 99% of them are Tomica cars. The Nissan Pino has been an elusive "grail" car of sorts. I've been hunting for a decent example on the 'bay for years really. They do not pop up often and if they are mint they command a crazy amount of money. I'm not sure if that means they are rare or not. But this has been a tough fish to catch.

Recently, I was delighted to find a slightly playworn example posted with horrible pictures and I won the auction without hurting my wallet (which is nice). It looks like this little car got some love for a while, but overall its in really great shape and a very very welcome addition to my collection. I hope to score a minty example for a reasonable price (no... $50 to $70 is not a reasonable price lol).

There's handful of paint chips and nicks. The hatch opens but does not stay open on it's own. So my scale-sized colleague had to use his head for a clever way to keep the hatch open for your viewing pleasure.

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