Even the Fleas Said No Thanks

Stormville Flea Market on Labor Day Weekend...meh

1w ago


The big local flea market opened its fields again for several one day events this month and I decided to give it a try this past Saturday. Masks were "required" but there was no enforcement so I didn't stay long.

I found these three at one place and let the guy talk himself down from $3 to $2 for the lot. I'm not going to argue. Lesney-Matchbox #35 Snow Trac with the raised lettering instead of decals. Just need to locate a set of treads. A fairly rare Zylmex/Zyl/Zee Porsche 959, and an Ertl Boss Hogg's Cadillac. After being amazed at what Dukes of Hazzard diecast goes for on the bay, I'll be starting a new box just for those.

The whole event was kind of a warning of what future events are going to be like as more people stop giving a crap about masks and distancing. I knew where I was going and what I was most likely going to encounter, and I was not that surprised. The best two?

One of the flea mongers: "I broke my nose once so masks just don't fit me."

First Prize to loud woman in aisle two: "Yeah? Well I have brain cancer, so what's the point?"

Oh, the humanity...

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  • If furries can f*ck in their costumes, you can wear a mask while shopping.

      10 days ago
    • Bruh

        10 days ago
    • Ha! exactly.

      Plus, they make the clear visors one can wear.

      Some people seem to be trying to outdo each other with the outlandishness of their "medical" reasons for being dicks.

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        10 days ago