- Hot wheels - Nissan Silvia S13

Even though it is deep silver, it shines like a white diamond - Silvia S13

This Nissan Silvia is an exciting casting that is based off a real Nissan Silvia with the same livery!


This awesome Hot Wheels Nissan Silvia S13 is also a real life car. You may notice the KW performance suspension livery with the gold lightning bolt that strikes down the side of the Japanese classic. The owner of the real car works for KW performance suspension and the car was shown off at Sema in 2019.

Sema - Photo by Ben HSU

Sema - Photo by Ben HSU

Details and descriptions

The firs thing you notice is the awesome gold lightning bolt that glides over the car. It is outlined in purple and I think it fits well with the dark silver paint job. To match with the livery the rims are gold and it works very well with the rest of the car. There is no painted headlight detail, but Hot Wheels sculpted the model very well, so it looks great either way. Towards the rear the model as a small roof spoiler that comes off the top of the car. It also has a large spoiler on the rear of the car and it makes this car look amazing.

Bonus details

While there may not be headlight detail, there is a lot of detail on the rear of the car. The Silvia lightning bolt is painted in silver and shows up well on the car. In the center is has the silver "Silvia" lettering. The taillights are painted red, embed is the orange signals and rear back up lights are painted white. The coolest part of the rear is the large molded exhaust that completes the realism of this model.


The fact that you can get this model at the grocery store for $1 is just awesome. The best part about Hot wheels is that they are inexpensive and small, so you can collect a ton of them. This one is worth having in my collection. This Japanese legend was executed perfectly for this scale at this price point and the model earns a crisp 5 star rating! If you enjoyed don't forget to bump and follow for more! Have a nice day!

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