Event: Cars & coffee at down royal

2y ago


Cars and coffee, two words that reverberate within the car community quite a bit nowadays, from my own experience it was watching videos on youtube of an amazing array of machinery leaving the cars and coffee events in California which peaked my attention in my teenage years, and since those videos 'Cars & Coffee' events have gained huge popularity amongst car fans across the globe as one of the most relaxed and informal ways to share your passion with other like minded people, and Northern Ireland is no different.

Held at Down Royal Racecourse just outside Lisburn, its out of town location certainly adds to the very relaxed atmosphere that Cars & Coffee always seems to give off, anyway enough of my rambling, and take a look at some of the cars that decided to turn up.

Certainly a rarity, this 'Drop Snoot' Vauxhall Firenza was a welcome sight, this or a MK2 Escort?

The E46 CSL is a true modern classic, carbon roof, 360BHP, lightweight, this example was immaculate.

Although there is no theme to the event, there is usually a particular marque that has a strong following, the month before was Ferrari, this month it was definitely Porsche as the next photos suggest.

This (993) 911 was a lovely example of the last of Porsches air-cooled 911s

A trio of GT3's of various vintage also gained plenty of admirers, as did that glorious Escort Cosworth.

Although these cars were certainly not to be sniffed at, I think no one expected the other two Porsches that were attendance.

Although the GT3 RS was a very nice, it was NI's only 911R that really grabbed everyones attention and it was pretty cool to see both parked side by side for a time to compare both.

Of course there was more than just these fabulous Porsches to drool over, including some real rarities.

A Mercedes S70 AMG was probably the rarest car there, with only 112 worldwide and I think only 2 in the UK, this car features a slightly earlier V12 engine that was later used in the Pagani Zonda, a proper car.

A slice of the 80's perhaps! This Dimma kitted 205 was lovely, although I heard the Testarossa called, it wants to know were it got the side strakes....

Being a Renaultsport owner, I kept getting drawn back to this immaculate 5 GT Turbo.

With this being the last event until the new year, plenty of people came out to show off their cars, but with the event only lasting a couple of hours coupled with chatting to like minded people I didn't have the camera out for as long as I usually do, so on that note I will wrap this up with a final picture of a lovely little Lotus Elan, as usual Cars & Coffee fails to disappoint, roll on next years events.

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