Ever been to oslo motorshow?

2y ago


Oslo Motorshow is a yearly car event, a car mekka even, for those of you who really live and breath for anything the automotive world has to offer. Welcome to the 2016 Oslo Motorshow located just outside of Oslo in Lillestrøm, Norway.

A McLaren P1 GTR sitting, waiting.

This show has been around for years in Oslo, but has not gotten the fair publicity outside of Norway´s borders that is deserves. So I am hoping the Drivetribe community will love this small preview of the show enough to consider coming here next year. The show really is great!

AC Schnitzer ACL2 prototype

Above you are looking at a very rare car, one of a kind to be honest. This is AC Schnitzer´s ACL2 2-series BMW with the BMW M4 engine and drivetrain. The flares are widened enough to room the wider drivetrain of the M4. This car will be developed in more detail the next couple of years before being sold to a collector. The knowledge and experience of this build will likely be implemented in their next projects.

The always amazing Ferrari F40 sitting proud.

Procar in Norway has one of very few F40´s that live in Norway. The car being shown in it´s full glory at the show, always catching peoples attention. This is one of the greats, and will never become boring.

Crazy widened Corvette

If you are from the US, you probably have seen plenty of modified Corvette´s around. Over here in Scandinavia, this is a rare sight. Even more so that it has a Rocket Bunny style kit on it and that it´s brown. This Corvette is owned by Bjork in Sweden and it shows how passionate the "Vikings" are of their cars.

This year 40.586 car nuts visited the show at Norges Varemesse in Lillestrøm, while the last record was set last year with 40.013 visitors.

Tommy Larssen

"I eat clouds for breakfast"

The show has more to offer than just parked show cars. Outside there is plenty if insane cars and bikes from motorsports, such as this monster of a dragster.

Ever seen a BMW M4 drift car before? Welcome to Norway!

There was even a drifting contest held here with plenty of pro drivers. Joachim Waagaard drove his famous BMW M4 drift car, also seen at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last year. Insane, huh?

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Just a short clip showing you the tight circuit.

I am very aware of all the huge insane car shows there are around the world. Even in Scandinavia we have plenty of these shows, but this is the number one in Norway. A show that brings you some of the best from most scenes. Well worth the trip, no doubt in my mind.

Robin Alsaker in his insane Mad Max V8 Supra.

There was drifting, rally, rallycross, crosscart, dragracing, enduro and more. A taste of everything was displayed for the crowds great joy.

Petter Eriksen´s 1000+ hp Nissan s14a drift car.

Make no mistake, this tight circuit takes it´s toll on the cars. Most of the drift cars needed plenty of TLC every evening after the shows. This 1000+ hp 2JZ Nissan needed a new clutch after day two, and also some cosmetic work. But the drivers loved showing what they do best - go sideways. The guys who vape would be jealous of the amount of smoke these drivers can make.

1986 Audi Coupe Quattro Oettinger

How perfect is this 1986 Audi Coupe Quattro? This car is based in Norway and still looks this perfect. That is purely amazing. Almost porn?

The inside of the McLaren P1 GTR is stunning

You know that one girl you always had a crush on but never got the chance? This car is like that girl for most of us. Why would not love to have this car? Well, a Norwegian guy by the name of Arne Fredly got that girl. And this girl is living in Monaco, but came to Norway for the show.

One of the nicest S13 around

This Nissan s13 looks amazing. The attention to detail is amazing, but even more so - the rear wheels are 13" wide! Damn boy, that´s a lot even by supercar standards. This car is Norwegian and is a part of the group TbgStance.

Wait, a Hyundai?

If you haven´t seen this Hyundai, it´s a treat. This is a Hyundai Veloster, quite a common car around Europe and the US. But it´s a turbo! No, wait - that´s not uncommon either. Well, it has a 2JZ engine under the hood and is RWD. This ladies and gentlemen is a Hyundai Veloster drift car - the worlds first. Andre Olsen is the driver of this beast and I am sure you will see plenty of it in the future.

There are plenty of more cars to see here, but I wan´t to leave you with a feeling of needing to visit next years show. Oslo Motorshow is a great show for anyone who has the slightest interest in cars and motorbikes.

Come on, it´s not that far to visit Norway. See you there next year?