Ever wanted to drive a swimming pool in BeamNG.Drive? now you can

Why? Because why not.

8w ago

In a recent post, I took a look at a mod which allowed you to drive a car similar to Jeremy's "The Excellent" in the game BeamNG.Drive. This time, we're looking at a mod which is just as weird and wonderful.

What is it?

It started off as a Bruckell Legran wagon, but has been converted to a pickup style body, by a user under the name of "Kemro" on the BeamNG.Drive Repository. The LeGran Swimming Pool version is a pretty unique mod, and I haven't really seen anything like it before.


This LeGran comes complete with a cover to keep you in the shade, as well as some decorative lights. These can be turned on or off by pressing the control you have assigned to the lightbar. Fancy.

No pool is complete without some drinks to keep you refreshed. This LeGran is no exception, and comes with two floating cupholders and Tasti Cola cups in them.

Unfortunately, the water is just a texture and isn't actual water. However, the rear of the car is considerably lower a normal LeGran wagon. This makes it look and feel more like you are carrying lots of water around.

Overall, this is a fun mod and I like the attention to detail it has.

This was a short article, but I just wanted to share this quirky mod! Thanks for reading!

Mod is LeGran Swimming Pool Version by "Kemro"

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  • One day.... when I swap out my potato PC with a better one....

      1 month ago