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Ever Wondered How Designers Draw Cars Like This?

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Ian Callum, Henrik Fisker, Martin Smith, Chris Bangle. Do these names ring a bell? They are responsible for some of the most interesting and beautiful cars of the last decade. However cars don't start their life on the forehead of a designer, the designer has to come up with an idea and sketch it.

And of course the engineers and managers have to approve it. Sometimes things go wrong and Fiat Multiplas happen.

Some Cadillac

I really hope some of my fellow designers-in-the-making are reading this. We need more car designers! Bring back the art!

Where did I start?

We all started drawing cars when we were little, when the neighbours new Ford Escort was more interesting than Action-Man figures and by the age of 5 we all knew every single car on the road. The obsession with cars has always been there for me since I got my first toy car (I was 1 year old), then madness ensued. I first liked anything new, but slowly and surely discovered how I really really did not like the way some things looked.

Since my father works at Ford of Europe, I had the opportunity to check out every single new Ford since the late 90s inside and out, even designing my own Ford which I lovingly called the "Tagges", which is an awful name and today looks even more awful.

Ford Tagges, me aged 7. Looks a lot like a Mondeo with square tiny wheels.

As a child and even today I still have a connection with the Ford brand, however it has become more of a nostalgic thing, after learning the technical stuff and discovering how cars aren't just looks. They can look amazing but be absolute garbage to drive.

So I never stopped and that is probably the key. My sketches are not even close to perfect, if that even exists. Every picture I posted here has tons of issues, but I think they are just okay enough to showcase my journey.

Never stopped obsessing with cars, never stopped loving some and hating others and never stopped drawing them. As you can see I got better over the years, and the more I draw the better I get and so will you. Even looking at a sketch I did 10 minutes ago, I can sense my dissatisfaction with some aspect of it, which magically causes it to either to join the huge pile of ("eh, not too bad.") or the bin.

Some Tesla city car.

I used the wrong technique when sketching for almost my entire life. Only a few years back where I felt that I'd really rather design than engineer cars, did I start to sketch "properly". Many thanks to Professor Kelly from HS Pforzheim for that. Hopefully we will see each other soon.

A Porsche 928 idea.

So I am still at university, desperately trying to finish my engineering degree. After that I'll try myself at a car design school, hopefully to get accepted and head on to a journey of sketching, graphic tablets, clay models, heated arguments with engineers and all the gifts a true car designer cherishes, to finally... someday see your own idea on the road. Now that would be cool wouldn't it?

i don't believe that you are nuts.

Well. Here is me trying to be Jay Leno on Google Docs:


So How do I sketch cars like that then?

Get a pen. Get a piece of paper. Look at all cars old and new and try to understand why certain cars are considered beautiful and other maybe dangerous to your eyes health. Explore mad ideas, throw them away because they look like mating frogs and continue until you find something awesome. Don't forget, in the end it is still a car.

For everyone else I have launched a quick and swift tutorial on how to properly get started drawing cars, and not do it wrong for your entire life like I did.

Oh, and many thanks for reading! You will support me greatly by joining the course.

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