- Aston Martin Jet Shootingbrake

“Every car mans dream and one mans reality, to design and build his own supercar

Aston Martin Jet 2+2 Shootingbrake

“Every car mans dream and one mans reality, to design and build his own supercar”

It was Barry Weir’s dream to design and build his own Aston Martin supercar to his specification and ideas with no restrictions.

So what type of man can do this and when does he have the time!, Barry is an adventurer, artist and a world champion rally driver of historic motor cars, who needs little sleep and never lets go!

My first encounter of Barry was when he wanted to achieve more headroom in his new Aston Martin DB7, so after a number of back-to-back meetings, we totally redesigned the interior of one of the most successful Aston Martin of its time, so he could sit in the car with plenty of leg room and good head clearance to stop his hair brushing on the roof panel (shaving his head was not an option). Being a tall man he had to feel comfortable at all times.

From this day on I know he would not give up until we had achieved exactly what he wanted, it was a massive feat, but we did manage meet his requirements.

This was followed by an adventure of a lifetime, driving a 1954 Aston Martin DB2/4 MKI around the world in 80 days! This took him through 22 countries crossing 4 continents covering 34,000 miles in just 80 days.

The preparation was endless and so much was covered in the build up. The car had to survive more then just a long rally; it had to survive some of the worst roads in the world. The car and Barry survived, so what does this man do next? Build a supercar!

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