Every Gearhead On Earth Should Be Thankful For This Auction Site

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Every week I spend hours of my life cruising the internet looking for amazing used cars to buy. I run through the usual suspects like Autotrader, cars.com, and eBay, but the best site I've found so far is Bring A Trailer.

What's Bring A Trailer? Do they only sell broken cars?

Sometimes, but Bring A Trailer is an auction site that specializes in the the rare and exotic cars the average car enthusiasts can hope to buy. Right now on the site there's a Volvo 240 wagon 5-speed, Porsche 911 Turbo, and a E30 M3, but that's not even a fraction of the incredible cars that run through the auction block.

Bring A Trailer's ability to identify and sell a host of interesting cars empowers car enthusiasts across the globe and we should all be thankful for that. You no longer have to dig through shitty Craigslist adds or deal with questionable eBay auctioneers, instead BaT is a professional team of car lovers who don't want to steal your money. Would be sellers submit their cars and go through a vetting process ensuring the car is properly represented in description and photos.

Well that sounds really good Chris, it must cost a fortune to sell on BaT. Well not exactly, Sellers only pay $100 to BaT to list their car while one of their professional auction writers craft a listing for your car. The winner of the auction pays a 5% fee based on the cars sale price, which is capped at $5,000. These fees are very fair when you consider the enthusiast audience the site perfectly caters to. Your car is going to a good home and the car you bought was uaually cared for.

So what's the deal then? Should we buy every car we buy off BaT? Well I would certainly love to daily a first gen NSX and have Mercedes Unimog as a work truck but BaT is catered for collector and enthusiast cars. That makes it the perfect place to buy your next dream car not a Toyota Corolla, unless the Corolla is a AE86.

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  • You just cost me 3 hours of my life.......good job it's in the US (and I'm not)!

    1 year ago
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  • Loads of good stuff here. Shame that the laws in China are so strict for imported cars. Still, I'll follow them on FB just in case I win the lottery and move elsewhere!

    1 year ago
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