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4y ago
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- A victim of the housing collapse the road was paved to serve as infrastructure for a development that would never be built. Driveways were never roughed in and the property around it is now leased by the county to Amish farmers.

Two friends enjoying a day off from work discover a .8 mile closed loop featuring 6 corners and over 60ft of elevation change.

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  • Fantastic! I hope you post more videos like this.

      4 years ago
  • www.facebook.com/dave.zajano/videos/10153081188243089/ A wider angle view of the location and surface in lower quality taken at low speed when visiting another time.

      4 years ago
  • Evidence of the Amish workhorses litters to otherwise tracklike surface. The location makes for particularly enjoyable fun when snowfalls as it is not maintained by the local government, making for fun while powersliding in the powder.

      4 years ago