Every terrible special edition Fiat 500 to date


2y ago

Lately companies releasing so called special editions are getting out of control, but nowhere near Fiat with the many, many additions to the fleet of 500s.

Start & Stop

It has the start/stop option... yep.


This one has slightly better emissions.

By Diesel

Still powered by petrol but features blue paint and fake studded side skirts.


A concept that never happened featuring a 1.3-litre diesel engine.

For Ferrari

Nope, no engine swaps... just in red.


It's pink.


This one is even pinker.


Black paint, matte wheels and red calipers means a special edition apparently.

By Gucci

The standard car in black with red and green stripes. Exciting!

First Edition

Celebrating the entry into China. Features some weird decals.


AMERICA! Featuring the US flag on the wing mirrors.


Red with matte wheels.

Pink Ribbon

The only decent special edition here. Each car bought meant Fiat donated $1,000 to cancer research.

Colour Therapy

White wheels and a coloured body.


Black and grey.


Finished in mint colour.

La Petite Robe Noire by Gurlain

Just a terrible decal added. That's all.


Finally, something productive - the electric 500.


Finished in molten orange with a black roof.

Riveria Maison

More terrible decals.


White with red and green stripes.

Vintage 57

Features classic wheels that came with the original car and baby blue paint.

Ron Arad

Decals of the original car to show just how large it has become.


Convertible. Blue. Cream interior.


Celebrates having Apple car play.


I'm not entirely sure.

S Linea Rossa

Again, I don't really know.


This one is a gem that celebrates a decade of 'special editions' - I say that loosely.


Celebrates the 60th anniversary by supplying a cream colour throughout.


Literally no different to any other 500.


This one celebrates the first special edition... why?!

Paco Robanne

Yep, done by Paco Robanne.

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  • I must argue - lately car companies have been releasing very few "special editions". It's only Fiat that kept releasing normal amount of them. Are they terrible? Some of them are - but since they usually go for base model price + 15%, people are often willing to pay that little to feel special. I think it's a nice marketing deal both for the company and both for the fans of the 500 lineup. I can actually recall Peugeot having a Roland Garros special edition (amongst many other limited editions) every year because they were sponsoring the tennis event, but unfortunately they stopped doing that when they transitioned to their "terrible car age", so a brand not having special editions may be a negative sign.

      2 years ago