Everybody Wants To Rule The Giga World: Paragon 1/43 BMW i3 Giga World

Welcome to your life. There's no turning back. Even while we sleep, we will find you acting on your best behavior. Become one with mother nature. Everybody wants an EV. No, seriously, it seems everybody wants in to the EV market nowadays. Ever since Teslas replaced the Prius as the eco car of choice for the jet-set, the electric car market has experienced a boom of entries of all shapes, sizes, and origins.

B​ack in 2010, BMW introduced the i sub-brand as their future entry into the market with a low mid-engined hybrid and a smaller electric hatchback. It took until 2013 to learn that these would be called the i8 and i3 respectively. Although Tesla's Model S was the first premium electric car to take the market by storm, BMW's i3 was the first entry from an established luxury manufacturer to reach showrooms. I remember seeing one identical to this on a rainy afternoon in 2014. In my eyes, it was the future. I fell in love with it on the spot. Although I had a specific Arravani Gray base model I wanted, I ended up finding a 1/43 i3 Giga World in Andesite Silver Metallic over Cassia Leather with Carum Spice Gray cloth inserts and Style 429 Turbine wheels. Yes, I'm going to be that specific. I love this thing. This is second only to the Taycan in my eyes.

I​f you're still sitting there with your pitchforks and torches in your hands, you can put them down. Even some of the most passionate car enthusiasts like me can love electric cars. I absolutely love this new wave of Germany's entries. This Andesite Silver gem looks stunning for the $23 it costs. I have Minichamps that cost me twice the price that are half as nice. If you don't like the i3, well, that's on you.

I​f we look at the front, we find Minichamps levels of detailing with the quality to match. I love the Frozen Blue highlights throughout the car. They give it a nice contrast to the grayscale colors elsewhere.

A​lthough I do love the Style 429 Turbine wheels, I do wish it were an Arravani Gray Mega World with the base Style 427 star-spoke wheels. They did, however, manage to nail the wheels. In case you're wondering, the tires are as skinny as you'd expect.

A​round back, we find that the quality continues with delicious badging and exquisite detailing on all of the lights. It kind of looks like it's giving birth to a DB7. It also says BMW i3 in case you confused it with a Z8 or an E36 325i.

O​h, come on, just look at it. It's just as nice as a Minichamps. It even has an antenna. How can you not love it?

I​n case you're sitting there thinking of what to nitpick today, I'd like to mention that the interior is up to par with my Minichamps as well. It's fully detailed with even better detail in some places than the others.

I​f we look inside, we find a fully detailed interior with the iDrive scree, controller, and assorted buttons throughout the console and dashboard. It even has the rear cupholders and other small details.

E​ven if you don't like the i3, you'll have to admit Paragon did a great job with this model. It's everything you expect from a Minichamps 1/43 at half the price. I can't wait to see them make an i3s in Melbourne Red in the future. If you're even remotely a fan of the i cars, you should consider adding this to your collection. It's also available in Ionic Silver and Solar Orange if you're looking for something a bit more bright and lively.

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  • Brace yourselves

    Tesla fans are incoming

      2 months ago
  • My buddies and I were playing around with the doors on the i3 at the auto show a couple years back, closing them in reverse order. We got quickly reprimanded by the BMW rep.

      2 months ago