Everyone can now get paid to post on DriveTribe

We’ll pay for every post that goes to our homepage

51w ago

DriveTribe now pays for every post that gets promoted to its main homepages.

This comes as we open up the DriveTribe Creators Programme to, well, all of you. Previously the Creators Programme consisted of a selected group of DriveTribers who applied to be in the programme, and who were paid based on the engagement their posts received. Over time it’s become clear that this wasn’t especially fair on people who were new to DriveTribe and creating great content.

The amount we’ll pay for a homepage promotion will vary from month to month depending on our revenue. We’ll add up your month’s homepage promotions and pay these monthly – usually halfway through the following month, ie. you’d get paid for your December homepage promotions in the middle of January. It won’t be enough to retire on, but it’s our way of saying thanks for taking the time to create great content.

How will I get paid?

Payments will be paid by Paypal, and we need your Paypal email address on file. To do that, fill in this form. We’ll send a link to this form when we DM you to tell you that your post’s been promoted to the homepage, but you only need to fill it once. But y’know, if you haven’t given us your Paypal by the time we make the payments, you won’t get paid.

You can fill this form in now if you prefer, rather than waiting until you've written a cracking post that makes it to the homepage.

DriveTribe Discord

If you’re regularly being promoted to the homepage, we may reach out to invite you to the DriveTribe Discord server, where you can chat with fellow creators, formulate new ideas or just make memes of the DriveTribe staff.

When can I start?

Now. We’ve been trialling the scheme for the past two months, and, well, it seems to work.

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Comments (139)

  • This is excellent stuff, Tim. Well done to all of you out there producing great content on this platform. I know we will only see better content over the coming months. Keep up the smashing work guys (DriveTribe staff too...except John who is ‘pants’).

      11 months ago
    • Does it count if your post makes it to the Fun Stuff page, and if it pops up on the homepage, do you still get paid?

        11 months ago
    • If it’s a homepage promo you get a DM about then it counts :)

        11 months ago
  • I see lots of people complaining, as well as praising. I’d like to give my two cents in this.

    Firstly, doing a system like this is a huge win for the customer of DriveTribe. said it clearly; no other website immediately gives you the opportunity to make money off your post. That’ll attract more people to the website, a positive thing for creators (more bumps, comments, etc.), as well as more users which helps keep DT’s engine running on all cylinders.

    The idea that there will be more “terrible” content is a tough thing to argue. This system only rewards those who make article on the homepage.

    Some have also said that great articles get buried, but yet there’s a severe lack of evidence. I’m sure it has happened, but nowhere near to the extent that people like to exaggerate it to.

    I’ve seen some who say that their article made it on homepage and then a day later it was bumped down. And yes, that’s the reality of the homepage. The more articles that go live on the homepage, the more current articles on it drop.

    In essence, I counter those who say that good content will be lost with this. We have some of the best community managers in the business, , who does a great job finding hidden creators and shedding light on them. If anything, current creators who regularly post content should be worried about the competition. That shouldn’t be a problem, but an incentive to make their writing better.

    That’s my two cents

      11 months ago
    • I agree with this really. I had a post before that was selected for their section on the apple news app which was pretty cool. Don't think anything was on the website homepage. It's a cool idea and I am glad that they are allocating funding to...

      Read more
        11 months ago
  • Good News!

      11 months ago
  • With the growth of the user base (a good thing!) unfortunately comes a lot of low quality posting. Varying from the quizzes and the spots, to some articles. I mean, there really isn't the need to cover every supercar in 167 different articles. I can understand an article about the car, then a comparison between the car at hand and its most direct competitors, and maybe a drive test. After that, most of what needed to be said will have been said. Unless one of the articles was really really badly done, in which case it won't have been on the front page.

    The spots have also suffered, as some spotters seem to post everything on four wheels they come across, including the mundanest of the mundane, cars pretty much none of us would feel worthy of a second glance if we see them in the streets. Then again, spots rarely make it to the front page.

    The problem with articles is, with tens of articles covering essentially the same car, the truly great articles get buried under such a lot of content that they become difficult to find. That is a shame for both the author (who put in a lot of time and effort to give it their best) and the audience (who may eventually get bored because they have a hard time finding the best content).

    In short, this may be a step forward, because many aspiring writers may have an extra incentive to create something great, but it will require a lot of extra work for content managers to filter out the gems worthy of a front page post. So with the right amount of moderation this may turn out alright.

    As for the people who are currently in the Creators Programme: my guess is you were invited because you made good content. You have stayed onboard because you kept making good content. I think if you keep doing what you do best, namely make good content, you should not have to worry.

      11 months ago
    • This is why we have a team of promoters combing through all the content on DriveTribe and making sure nothing gets lost!

        11 months ago
    • I know, and you've been doing an awesome job so far! I just hope you can keep up if my fears are proven right and the amount of mediocre-to-low quality posts rises, because people hope to earn some money (even if just for the bragging rights)...

        11 months ago
  • 🎉 🍻

      11 months ago