E​veryone Loves Jim...

​Yes, we still fall over, laugh at each other for being short/fat/tall/slow but occasionally our daft show ostensibly about cars accidentally serves up something with some meat to it.

T​he tribute to Jim Clark on this week's Grand Tour has been met with huge enthusiasm... and rightly so. The man was a proper legend and should be top of the list for all of us who love cars and driving. It was a privilege above all others to drive his Lotus when we made the film. Thank you a million times over to the car’s – very trusting - owner and the Jim Clark Trust for helping us make the film.

And now the Jim Clark Trust are offering you the chance to win a Jim Clark Special Edition Lotus Evora GT410 Sport. It's the 100,000th Lotus made and is in the same red with Tartan interior as the Jim Clark Special Elan he can be seen leaning against in the picture. Visit their website here to find out more.


O​h, and thanks for watching.



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