The Ferrari you didn't know existed: F50 Bolide

That’s right. It’s another Sultan of Brunei car.

5w ago

The Bugatti Bolide (meaning meteor/fireball which explodes) came out last year and it is a bonkers 1,824hp track weapon which is far quicker than the Chiron. But what many people aren't ever talking about is the Ferrari F50 Bolide, a Sultan of Brunei special edition car.

The Sultan of Brunei has been known to have some mental cars in his collection. This ranges from insane one-offs to a handful of McLaren F1s. This (roughly) 2,500 car collection is a mystery to the outside world, but one of the few we do know of is this, and it's mental.

This very special F50 is named the Bolide and shares its DNA with a Formula One race car because that is what it's looks are based on. It is essentially a Formula One race car that can be driven on public roads with some luxuries such as a CD player and windscreen wipers.

In addition to this, the F50 Bolide has a fully carbon-fibre chassis and a mighty 12-cylinder engine mated to a 6-speed manual and RWD. But what may surprise you is that this car was created a year after F50 production ended in 1997 meaning he is one very lucky customer indeed. But it's probably because he paid an absolute bomb for it.

Unfortunately, that is more or less all we know on this special car. The Sultan of Brunei has always been secretive about his car collection as has Ferrari, so it's tricky to really know how it differs from a normal F50.

But what we do know is this project reportedly cost around €2 million. This is a huge step up from the car's original price of €390,000.

Had you ever heard of the Ferrari F50 Bolide before?

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Comments (16)

  • Low key kinda ugly

      1 month ago
  • The Ferrari F50 you didn’t know existed @tribe

      1 month ago
  • "Dear The Sultan of Brunei, how many excessive and ugly one-off supercars would you like?"


      1 month ago
  • Never heard of it. Unfortunately in a way it really becomes insignificant because nobody gets to see it or drive it so it may as well not exist. At least most of the cars we can not afford we can see someone test drive it. We get to enjoy the enthusiasm and share in the fun even though we are not there. I think that is why many of us motorheads watch The Grand Tour, other motor shows and youtube. Take that away because someone hides it in their collection, it is now only of significance to that individual. In a way to the rest of us what is the point. 🤔

      1 month ago
  • This thing is really ugly, like some cheap plastic RC car found on Taobao.

      1 month ago