Everything Crossed Off the List

Everything I've crossed off of my list of rare cars to spot in chronological order

4w ago

Shortly before Christmas 2020, I compiled a list of the cars I wanted to spot most, as long as they weren't imports or most likely to be seen at a car show. This is everything I've spotted since then:

1) Geo Prizm hatchback

2) Mitsubishi Cordia

I've seen this one thrice since spotting it.

3) Honda Civic Wagon

I spotted the grey one first and the red one second.

4) Cadillac CT6-V

Since spotting the first one, I've spotted two more, one of which I've seen twice.

5) Acura Vigor

I spotted first at a repair shop and second in a parking lot. I've seen it three times in total.

6) Chevrolet Celebrity

Since spotting the first one, I've spotted one other.

7) Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid

8) Saab 9000

I've seen this one once since spotting it.

9) Isuzu I-Series

10) Isuzu Ascender

I've seen it once since spotting it.

11) Oldsmobile Aurora (first generation)

12) Buick Reatta

I spotted the red one first and the black one second.

13) Dodge Stealth

I spotted the green one first, the blue one second, and the one with the Mitsubishi 3000GT front end third. I've actually spotted the green one twice, but I only kept the pictures from my second time spotting it because they were better.

14) Suzuki Samurai

15) Alfa Romeo Spider Mark 1 Series 4

Since spotting the first one, I've spotted another.

16) Suzuki Swift (second generation)

I've seen it once since spotting it.

17) Jeep Comanche

These aren't the pictures from when I first spotted it; they're from the second time.

18) Isuzu P'up

I've seen this one here several times now. Since I first spotted it, the owner has replaced the original wheels with much wider ones that look ridiculous.

19) Infiniti M45

When I first spotted it, the back end was millimeters away from the car behind it. Two weeks later, I saw it at the same dealership, but it had a dealer plate instead; strangely, it wasn't listed on the dealer's website. I saw it again over a month later and it had it's original plates on.

20) Kia Sephia (first generation)

21) Kia K900 (final generation)

Since spotting the first one, I've spotted another.

22) Chevrolet Tracker

The Geo Tracker and Suzuki Sidekick are still popular in my area, but the Chevrolet Tracker, which was only available for one model year, is scarce.

23) GMC Yukon Hybrid

Since spotting the first one, I've spotted another.

24) Toyota Corolla Apex Edition

Since spotting the first one, I've spotted another, and it was one of 120 2021-model-year Apexes with a manual transmission.

25) Mazda Navajo

26) Daihatsu Rocky

I met the owner, who loves it and confirmed that it was the same one that I saw in the next town north of mine, but was unable to get a picture of.

27) 2011 Hyundai Azera

The Azera is popular in my area, but the updated 2011 model is scarce. Less than 2,000 Azeras were sold that year.

28) Buick Roadmaster Wagon

I've spotted the Saab 9-5 Aero and the Pontiac Trans Sport in the picture previously.

29) Spoilerless Audi TT (first generation)

When the TT was first designed and launched, it had no spoiler. However, a recall was issued to add the spoiler soon after the first batch of cars was delivered due to reports of instability at high speed. A few owners didn't participate in the recall, and their cars are extremely rare and valuable today.

The first one I spotted was on the road, and the second one that I spotted was parked. I found the silver one parked after spotting the blue one.

30) Isuzu Oasis

31) Mitsubishi Mighty Max

32) 2014 Kia Sedona

The Sedona was discontinued in 2012, skipped 2013, and, bizarrely, returned with a new front end for 2014. It was redesigned for 2015.

33) Freightliner Sprinter (final generation)

The Sprinter was redesigned in 2018 and was cancelled in 2020 due to poor sales. This is the third one I've ever seen.

34) Isuzu I-Mark diesel

35) 2011 Saab 9-5

36) Alfa Romeo 164

37) VPG MV-1

38) Dodge Colt Vista

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Comments (6)

  • I still find it impressive how much stuff you've found that I've never seen. Especially that Rocky. I did finally find not one AMC Eagle but two in two days! Going to Montana might have something to do with that. There's a lot more old 4x4s up here than I expected.

      1 month ago
  • I find it so funny that you took a picture of an old Buick when you have 3 million dollars worth of McLaren in front of youπŸ˜…

      21 days ago
  • Ive never seen any of these cars before since they pretty much dont exist here

      1 month ago
  • I had no idea most of these cars existed

      1 month ago