Everything new on the 2020 Subaru Forester

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The Subaru Forester comes second to the Outback in terms of sales here in the US, but the Forester is a much more capable vehicle, to be perfectly honest. It's also one of the better small SUVs out there, if you're not into the wagon life (how dare you).

For 2020, the Forester is getting a few choice upgrades over the 2019 model. So I've come here today to let you know about them. Why? Because I quite like the Forester and I have this platform to write about cars I like. So there.

The Forester was fully redesigned in 2019, but Subaru is making a handful of updates for 2020 that should help the overall owner experience. For example, the price. Well, that's not going to help overall experience, but the price is not going up by thousands of dollars. And when you see what other upgrades there are, the $200 increase to the starting price of $24,495 doesn't really seem that bad.

Here's a full list of everything changing on the Subaru Forester for 2020: an updated EyeSight driver assistance system, a Rear Seat Reminder system (which helps the driver not to forget children or pets in the back), updated Tire Pressure Monitoring System, an All-Weather Package that comes standard on all trims from "Premium" and up, and the top of the line Foresters get new LED interior lights and a light on the tailgate.

Hopefully the Forester will soon get the excellent new infotainment system in the 2020 Outback as that is top notch. But I'll take some safety system updates on one of the safest cars out there.

Some slightly basic tweaks to make the Forester just a little bit better. Not bad for only $200 of a base price increase.

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  • These will still be known as a Philippa in the Uk. We love Philippa Forester.

    18 days ago


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