Everything we know about the upcoming so-called Audi SQ8/RSQ8

Title says it all

In the mean time car manufacturers can make everything sporty, there is no wonder that there are sporty SUVs, we have cars like the Urus, the Bentayga, The SRT Trackhawk and the Model X to name a few, it’s no wonder that audi’s newest toy- the Q8- is getting a sporty variant or two, here is everything we know so far.

Several spy shots and a video (see above) tell us that Audi is cooking a souped up version of its newest SUV, supposedly to be named the SQ8. The car is getting some aero and suspension tweaks obviously.

According to the rear end though,the car will be a diesel as hinted by the TDI badging, the diesel is supposed to be the monstorous 4.0 Lite twin turbo diesel V8 offered in the SQ7 Luxury SUV, with 430 BHP and an unbelivable 664 lb ft/ 900 900 NM of torque available at just 1000 RPM.

There is a rumor that a less sporty variant of the SQ8 will come equipped with a 3.0 Liter V6, with around 400 BHP to play with, but it will probably only be offered in markets were sporty petrol SUVs are highly demanded, such as the U.S.A

Rumors and several spy shots and videos around the nurburgring hint of an upcoming RSQ8 as well.

Recaro Seats, Aero and suspension tweaks, And a Oh-my-god big exhaust tips similar to those of the current RS models hint of the even more souped up version of the Q8 SUV

It will definitely have larger wheels, and the RSQ8 is expected to share drivetrains with the Porsche Panamera Turbo S E Hybrid, which means a 4 Liter Twin Turbo V8 with 670 horsepower and 627 lb ft/ 850 NM of torque,coupled with an 8 speed dual clutch gearbox.

The car will ienvitably be heavy, at least two tonnes of weight should be carried around, this drops the 0-100 kmh/62 mph time to around 4 seconds.

On electric power alone, the car should be good to travel 27 miles/ 43 kms. Both the SQ8 And the RSQ8 will inevitably feature audi’s trademark, Quattro AWD. While Four Wheel Steering is available as an option on the standard Q8, it will probably be also offered as an option with the SQ8 and will definitely be a standard feature in the RSQ8.

The SQ8 is expected to come in around mid-2019, while the RSQ8 is expected to come in 2020.

Sources: Autocar, Motor1, Quattro World.

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