Everything you need to build James Hunt's McLaren out of Lego bricks!

All the files and instructions you're going to need if you want to build your own 1976 McLaren M23! #Lego #classic-cars #formula1 #originalcontent

4y ago

As promised, here are both the Stud.io file to get your list of needed parts from Bricklink, and a PDF with building instructions! If they don't perfectly match, don't worry, I just had to make slight modifications to the .io file so that it'd be easier to purchase.

Here's the link: onedrive.live.com/?cid=71ea390a6f099a39&id=71EA390A6F099A39%21124976&ithint=folder,&authkey=!AK3OHPHuN2E93I4

If you have any questions about it, or just want to talk bricks, I can be found in the #artanddesign and #classics chats!

And don't forget, you can vote for next week's car, on my twitter @ClemsieMcKenzie!

Happy bricking!

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