- The FXX-K EVO was presented to the public the 28th of October.

Everything you need to know about the all new "very limited" FXX-K EVO

Some rumours say that the new FXX-K EVO is limited to under 10 cars, and that it's not an EVO-kit as the previous XX-Models

The all-new "gentlemen's racecar" from Ferrari, is an extraordinary piece of aerodynamic and mechanical engineering. Some say that the new FXX-K EVO will cost 2,6 million euros from a leaked purchase-contract of the car.

The big question is if it's not an EVO-kit and an actual car, how many will be made? Some say 40 or 39 others say 10 or 9. If it's true, who would Ferrari give the opportunity to buy this car? As bright as water, it's not enough to just own a 360 Spider. It's the question of Ferraris way of appointing people who will get these car offered will still be a mystery.

Even so, if it's not an EVO-kit, many (and I say many) customers will be furious about the fact they've not been offered a car like this. Like all cars, you either hate it, or you just love it. I won't consider it to be surprising if it's not a kit because just look at it! If so, look at the front bumper. It will cost a fortune (also because it's made out of carbon fibre) but also because of the fact it is very, very hi-tech. The rear end is also changed completely, so that's even a significant replacement. The new sharkfin is also going to be added to the car. Rumors say the cockpit is also completely different. Of course, most people who by these cars, are wealthy, wealthy. So it shouldn't be a problem for them to purchase it, but it's going to be expensive as well.

An official letter from Ferrari of a view of the cars data.

An official letter from Ferrari of a view of the cars data.

If you look at the weight distribution, it's quite close to half/half. One of the missions the new FXX-K EVO would suppose to live up to is that it should be more stable at the back, the exact problem as the 599XX, which customers said had a problem with the rear would have tendencies to go from side to side in the corners. The 599XX Evoluzione seemed to have solved that problem. With that said, it's interesting how the FXX-K EVO is going to solve that problem. Of course, it's easy to see that it had a lot of aerodynamic upgrades in the front, the rear, under, and of course the all-new Formula 1-inspired sharkfin.

An official paper from Ferrari with the cars downforce and improvements.

An official paper from Ferrari with the cars downforce and improvements.

The new FXX-K EVO's downforce is almost improved by a quarter, and three quarters from the LaFerrari's downforce coefficient. 640kg of downforce at 200 km/h is a lot, don't get me wrong. Some say that it has more downforce than the F2000 that won the Constructors and drivers title in 2000 for the Scuderia. The rear active-spoiler is also improved and reprogrammed, so it's more efficient.

The conclusion is, this car is NOT for ordinary people (well no Ferrari is that) but it's amazing how much progress that's added to this new track-tearing car. It's simply just a car which has a potential of being really fun to drive. I am sure I'm not the only one who would to take this for a spin at Monza or Imola.

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