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Everything you need to know about FH4 Update 28!

Truck and SUV lovers, rejoice!

19w ago

Update 28 is here, an here i everything you need to know about it.

1. GMC Syclone

The GMC Syclone is an iconic truck in the 90's. This truck had such a powerful V8 that it could beat supercars like Ferrari! A truck beating a Ferrari! No one had heard such thing before; earn this truck by completing 50 percent of the Summer season.

2. GMC Typhoon

Now the GMC Typhoon is basically a GMC Syclone but comes as an SUV. Known as the first performance SUV, this was actually the fastest SUV money could get you. Get this SUV by completing 50% of the Winter season.


Now this isn't your typical raptor you see on the road. It has been modified massively, with 6 wheels, better suspension, and a more powerful V8. This would be a great rival for the Mercedes 6X6, and who knows what crazy stuff we can do with this monster? Complete the "Into The Wilderness" championship in spring.

New Feature: Horizon Backstage

Missing an exclusive car in your garage? Fear not, because you can try to get them! Every week or month, you can get an exclusive car for the cost of a Horizon Backstage Card. This week you can you can get one by completing 50 percent of Series 28. Oh yeah, you can also vote between cars that you want to come to the Horizon Backstage.

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