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The world of supercars is constantly changing, with manufacturers always trying to outdo each other to make the fastest, most agile and craziest looking new models. There isn’t a month goes by without a new model being launched or a record being broken, or even a whole new company appearing on the market.

So to help you keep up with all the latest news I’ve gathered it all together in this one post.

Pagani announces the announcement of a new car

Pagani just can’t stop making special editions. After releasing what seems like a million different versions of the Zonda over the years they are now working on the next version of the Huayra, which is due to be revealed next month.

A new one-off Ferrari has been revealed

Ferrari are almost as good as Pagani when it comes to making very special, rare, and expensive versions of their cars. This latest one is called the Omologata and Ferrari describes it as 'exploiting the proportions of the potent, mid-front layout to deliver a very sleek design defined by smooth volumes and undulating reflections, uplifted by sharp graphics with sparingly distilled surface breaks wherever dictated by aerodynamic functions.' I think it would have been easier to say it’s just a better looking version of the 812 superfast.

Ferrari proves that not all new ‘M’ cars have to be ugly

In more Ferrari related news, they have released the Portofino M, a slightly more powerful version of their convertible GT. This new M version has an updated gearbox and 20 more horsepower than the base car giving it a total of 611 BHP.

There’s an all-new Australian supercar on the way

Australia isn’t the first place you think of when it comes to supercars, or any cars for that matter, but this new one sounds promising. It’s called the Giocattolo Marcella and it’s going to be powered by a 1,400 hp W16 engine when it arrives in 2022.

The interior of a 5221 hp electric hypercar looks like it’s been made by aliens

You may have never heard of them but Alieno has revealed the interior of their first car, and I must say it looks incredible. There's no word on when or how many will be made but if it turns out to be as good as these pictures we can't wait to see the real thing.

What was your favourite piece of supercar news this week?

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