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3y ago

Over the years Evo magazine has produced some enthralling stories all with the thrill of driving at the forefront of each piece. Since the first copy of Evo I bought which was May 2003 issue no. 55, I have been hooked.

The cover story of issue 55 featured a twin engined Audi TT, a RUF tuned 911 and another twin engined car this time in the shape of a Lotus Elise. The story is great, if you get the chance to read it I would recommend it most highly. The aim was to achieve 200 MPH on the road. Such antics obviously could not be allowed on British tarmac so the guys took the cars to the de-restricted playground that is Germany. The way the text brought to life the excitement of trying to achieve the double ton legally was incredible. I have since had the chance to drive on the autobahns and if you have any petrol in your veins you absolutely have to do it.

The text was great, but the images from this copy of Evo were even better still and they have kept me buying since 2003. Some of the pictures from this issue include a 1st generation Porsche Cayenne going sideways and wheelying drag car. The photography from Evo has always been top drawer so i thought it might be worth celebrating here. Even if you don't read car magazines you can just oggle the sumptuous images to your heart's content. Just look at the link below to see some of the pictures i'm talking about.

You can check out some more current images from Evo magazine here ...

If you haven't guessed already I'm a big fan of the magazine. Go buy a copy, you won't regret it.

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