- Popular destination - the Evo Triangle. Photo: David Harper.

Evo Triangle to get average speed cameras

50w ago


Well, I guess it was bound to happen.

You may have heard of the infamous Evo triangle in north Wales - so named as it was EVO magazine's benchmark road test route for performance cars. It has become a destination of pilgrimage for many drivers and riders over the years, myself included.

If you've been there yourself then treasure those memories because soon it'll be game over.

Soon you'll have a lot more time to admire the scenery when riding the Evo Triangle. Photo: David Harper

It's been announced that the Welsh government have made £500,000 available to install average speed cameras along the route. Just as happened to the similarly legendary Cat & Fiddle road.

As you'd expect, it's been triggered by the route's accident statistics, together with pressure from the local residents. Or, to put it another way, it's seen too many cases of ambition exceeding available talent.

I've driven the Evo triangle a few times and whilst it's undoubtedly an engaging route it's not the only good road in Wales by a long way. Actually, Wales is full of some of the finest driving and riding roads in the UK, most of them blissfully free of traffic.

Which ones, you ask? I'm not saying any more. You'll have to find them for yourselves and, once you've discovered them, keep quiet about it. Once you begin talking a place up you can be sure that someone will start planning to ruin it.

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