Evoque's New Ad Has A Hidden Message That Land Rover Probably Didn't Pickup On

1y ago


Your Range Rover is capable of going off road and climb impossible hills? How very nice! Just when will you take your premium luxury SUV camping, off-roading, and rock-crawling? Perhaps right after a trip to the mall?

I'm being a bit harsh, but the reality of these luxurious and expensive SUV/Crossovers is that they'll never be bought and used by nature enthusiasts. The very people that might put "This side up" decals or is well versed on winching techniques. They'll be bought by people who prefer to shuttle themselves through the urban jungle, where the privilege of status and class can be easily seen by all the plebes. Touting off-road capabilities on these cars is like advertising how fine china can serve as an excellent one-time-use baseball bat.

Here's where Land Rover's latest advertisement on their Range Rover Evoque follows the same principle: advertise off road capability to show that your vehicle is truly special. This time by showcasing its ability to surmount an impossibly large speed bump in the middle of the road. Check it out below and see if you can pickup how amazingly smug this advertisement really is.

Did you pick up the message? My immediate reaction upon seeing this ad was not one of amusement and amazement of the Range Rover Evoque's off-road capability, rather it was one where I applied my palm to my face.

If you'll allow me to be symbolic for a moment, the insurmountably large speed bump is just a metaphor for how the rich is oblivious and/or impervious to the barriers and challenges of the ordinary working man and the poor. While the public road is used by everyday commuters, Land Rover's decision to blockade it with a comically large speed bump is akin to surprises and regulations that can often be financially crushing for the regular folk, while benefiting the rich.

The Evoque's use of the opposing lane to traverse the speed bump is also strangely symbolic, as the privileged can sometimes break laws to get ahead without any meaningful consequences. Therefore, the stunt in this advertisement is just an example where the rich toys with the system for their own amusement, so they can watch the poor suffer.

Had this been a commercial for Jeep or some other off-road vehicle that's not crushingly expensive, it would have been a different story. However, given that this is a Land Rover product, the overall stunt just comes off as the world's worst humble brag that points out society's problems.

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