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Blackcircles.com take a look at the new EV's and those yet to come from some the biggest marques at Frankfurt Motor Show 2019.

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Kicking things off is the long anticipated release of the production version Honda e. A car we have been excited about since we first laid eyes on renders of the prototype, thankfully the production version has not strayed too far from the initial design.

The Honda e in full production spec.

The Honda e in full production spec.

Maintaining a retro, boxy shape akin to that of the original Honda Civic or Mk1 Volkswagen Golf, Honda have kept a perfect balance of modern and classic styling with clean lines and quirky design features.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4's keep this electric supermini glued to the road.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4's keep this electric supermini glued to the road.

With 152bhp and over 220lb/ft of torque, the Honda e certainly wont be a slouch off the line. Though the car has been designed primarily for urban city use, the Honda e has been fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres - a UHP tyre normally found on performance vehicles.

Speaking of performance vehicles, Porsche finally unveiled the Taycan. The brand's first full electric car and one of the most anticipated cars of the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Available, for now, are the Taycan 'Turbo' and 'Turbo S' - though neither feature a turbocharger. The 'Turbo' naming is is simply used by Porsche to indicate specification level.

Taking a step into the future, BMW offered a glimpse of what the future could look like for the brand - and it's not just bigger kidney grills!

Before we go back from the future, let's talk about Audi. The e-tron range has already hit dealerships but the electric SUV isn't all the German brand has up it's sleeve.

With more electric concepts than you could shake a stick at, the future of Audi looks incredibly exciting - and not too far away either! Most of the concepts are very complete, well built and have all the features thought out.

It might look like a moon-lander and its got the technology to match. The Audi AI:Trail is one of the most exciting concepts we've seen. With what Audi describe as a 'helicopter cabin', the AI:Trail is designed for use in the wilderness. It even uses drones as both lighting and cameras to help you see what's coming up.

The ID.3 is Volkswagen's biggest step into e-mobility and is the first production model in the 'ID.' range of EV's. The '3' in the name is said to represent the 3rd chapter in Volkswagen's history after the Beetle and Golf.

However, the most exciting models in the ID range are yet to come. These concept EV's have been doing the rounds at motor shows over the last couple years. The ID. Buzz and ID. Buggy - both modern, electric interpretations of classic VW models (the T1 Camper and Beetle-based Beach Buggy). Both are very exciting glimpses into what's capable with electric technologies and show how VW are not straying from their heritage.

These are exciting times in the automotive industry. With technology developing faster than ever and electric powered cars giving designers so much more freedom the possibilities are endless. If this is just the beginning of the 'Electric Revolution' we're excited to see what's next.

Photography by Mike Scott

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  • Sorry it EV's aren't your thing - I'm sure you'll get over it. Though there were some nice ICE cars at Frankfurt too. But not many.

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