- Watch Red Dwarf's Kryten portrayed by Rob Llewellyn ask Charley the vibe zap. Second video tap.

Ewan and Charley's LONG WAY UP tap to view rare videos you have not seen yet ...

There is some debate about why the E Harley's stop at LA. is it because the electric LiveWire charge range in frozen North Alaska is minus 60 miles?

36w ago

Look closely, you can see the duo searching a Polar bear for a hook up..

Tap above video to find out the real LiveWire stuff... " Rob met up with Charley to find out more about their 13,000 mile journey from Ushuaia in Argentina through South and Central America to Los Angeles riding electric Harley Davidson LiveWire bikes, with the support team travelling in Rivian Pickup trucks. Will they make it? Will they find places to charge? Watch this interview as a sneak preview of this incredible series which launches on Friday 18th September on Apple TV. "

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