Ex-Formula One driver Nico Rosberg has ordered a Rimac C_Two

He is configuring it as we speak!

3w ago


With great success in racing comes lot's of money, more often than not. And what does one do with all this money? Well, they spec cars and this is exactly what Nico Rosberg is doing.

Having been away from F1 for so many years, Nico has decided to return to the fast lane and order a Rimac C_Two. This photo is him at the factory.


He revealed this on his YouTube channel just two days ago and it has gone viral since. We don't know much about his spec just yet but what we do know is that it's taken him over a year to decide what car he wanted.

In 2019, he had so many options of hypercar and he could've bought anything he wanted and this year he has decided on a Rimac and it might just be the best decision he has ever made but I am not sure Hammond would agree.

We are hoping he reveals a unique one-off spec but we will have to see. Either way, he is a racing drive after all so it's all about the driving for Nico.

Has he made the right choice?

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Comments (6)

  • Hopefully hammond's not delivering it πŸ˜“

      18 days ago
  • I wonder if he’ll loan it out to

      21 days ago
  • His YT channel is a comedy honestly πŸ˜‚

    β€˜Is HiS cArEeR oVeR ?’

      18 days ago
  • I would think his endorsement is worth two or three times what a Rimac might cost

      19 days ago