Ex-James Hunt Merc might be the coolest classic ever

I'd give the back seats a wash first

2y ago

Whilst doing my weekly eBay Motors search for cars that I know I can't afford, I stumbled across potentially the coolest classic Mercedes known to man. If you take away the previous legendary owner, you are still left with a stunning Mercedes 560SEC. A car that is dripping with '80s flair.

When you discover that this retro gem's previous owner was non-other than James 'Sex for breakfast' Hunt, then you might just have the ultimate second-hand car.

It is up for sale for £19,995 which isn't that ridiculous really.

So if you fancy owning a slice of history whilst looking the absolute bee's knees, get yourself onto eBay and have a bid:

Just before you do purchase it, I'd give the back seats a thorough clean… if you catch my drift.

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