Ex-Land Rover employee is reunited with a car that she worked on 70 years ago

The 87 year old met an old friend thanks to Jaguar Land Rover

Land Rover took ex-employee, Dorothy Peters for the ride of her life in a car that she worked with 70 years ago. Watch the emotional reunion here:

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In July 1946, Dorothy joined Rover's service department at the Lode Lane factory when she was just 15 years old. In June of this year, she attended Land Rover's 70th celebration event in Solihull, UK and brought along a photo album showcasing her time working at the plant. One particular photograph showed Dorothy posing with the sixteenth Land Rover that rolled off the production line dubbed as 'number 16'.

Dorothy posing with a Land Rover

Dorothy posing with a Land Rover

Mike Bishop, Land Rover's Classic's Reborn Engineering Specialist and heritage expert noticed that Dorothy's old photo was in fact a car that he owned. It was then decided that Land Rover would create a beautiful experience for Dorothy that she'll remember forever.

Not only did she get meet 'number 16' again, she was taken off-road in this car and given a factory tour of today's Land Rover so that she could see how much has changed in 70 years.

Dorothy with 'number 16' today

Dorothy with 'number 16' today

In secrecy, Land Rover then set about to work with Dorothy's daughter to reunite her with the exact car that she was photographed posing with some 70 years ago. This beautiful moment was captured on video and beautifully marked the end of Land Rover's 70th anniversary year.

Dorothy said: “I couldn’t believe the reaction to my pictures at the Festival in Solihull. I had no idea this one conversation would take me on a journey down memory lane and on the wonderful off-road track at Solihull. "

She then went on to say: “The opportunity to share this day with my daughter and granddaughters was a wonderful surprise and to see how different the factory is today was very special. It all felt like a dream and I won’t ever forget it.”

Dorothy was also given a tour of a modern Land Rover plant

Dorothy was also given a tour of a modern Land Rover plant

Dorothy, her family and her friends were shown a preview of the reunion at her retirement home to complete the surprise.

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Comments (6)

  • What a lovely story, must've been a great blast from the past for her. All by mere coincidence too!

      2 years ago
  • Historically the three young women enjoying sitting on the front girder bumper of Dorothy's photo are the first ever to do this. Fun of old Landys is that you can sit on the tailgate or the front bumper to enjoy a brew, chat or pose for a photo with your mates. You can't do that with a modern Land Rover. Front bumper shaped like a skinny banana and you skid off. This is social unacceptable.

    Thanks Dorothy for making those excellent photos!

      2 years ago