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My excerpt:
Sara Dakarmen | @ladismantler
When I was 10, my father got a new Porsche and he used to let me wash his car. That's how I got hooked on the brand. Flash forward to 20, my now late husband took me on our first date in a white convertible 930 Turbo. A few years later, we started our Porsche parts company, got married, and had our own Porsche "family" of four girls, who now help me in my business.
The first Porsche driving experience I had was when my late husband, who rarely drank, was tipsy leaving a wedding and asked me to drive home. It was a manual Turbo with a strong clutch and no power steering, but I was determined! I didn't know if he'd give me the chance to drive it again.
There are hundreds of Porsches in my yard, however, I have been lucky to have had owned most of all Porsche models from the '80s to the current models including a Carrera GT, a Cup Car, GT models, Turbos, and Speedsters. Without hesitation, what I like the most about Porsche is the community and inclusiveness. People from different walks of life come together for a common love of the car either at events or on the racing scene.
Two Porsche models that really appeal to me are the 993 Turbo S and GT3, I like a big tail and wide rear. It's been a while since I've gone on a road trip with a Porsche. I used to tell my late husband not to buy me a gift and just take me on the road. He'd always do both.

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