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Exclusive: Kia's new logo is officially confirmed

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E​xclusive Report

The South Korean automotive company, Kia, has been recently showing significant progress. They have shown us great cars like the Stinger, the K900, and the Cee'd. Kia used a logo designed in 1994, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the company. After the logo received a small change in 2004, it has been used since now. It seems that Kia now has a new logo ready to be used.

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According to KIPRIS(Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service), Kia had submitted a total of 50 trademark registrations regarding the new logo since May 2019. All of the images are uploaded in KIPRIS which can be accessed by anyone. The logos consist of a white background with the word 'Kia' offered in two different colors, red and black. The same logo was also spotted on Kia's concept vehicle, 'Imagine by Kia' which was revealed in this year's Geneva Motor show.

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Imagine by Kia is an electric crossover SUV that not only is equipped with state-of-the-art technology but also has human-oriented design features to show that it is more than just a car. The car also teased a new version of the Kia logo, and both the car and the logo was complimented greatly by automotive reviewers and journalists. According to internal sources, Kia was also seriously considering a new logo and as the car gained great public interest and popularity, executives of Kia decided that this was an excellent opportunity to change their logo.

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Insider sources predict that the new logo will be used in new EV or hybrid vehicle lineups like the production version of the Imagine by Kia. However, as Kia is planning to debut a facelifted Mohave(Borrego in Chinese and North American Markets) and a new generation of the K5(Optima in non-Korean markets) in the second half of the year, there is also a chance that it will be used on those cars too. However, as the Mohave has its own logo and as it is predicted that it will cost more than 500 million to 660 million to apply this change in international markets, Kia releasing their new emblem through the production version of the Imagine by Kia is currently the most viable option for Kia.

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People are actually quite satisfied with the new logo, as the previous logo was actually hated by numerous Kia owners. If you search 'Kia Emblem' on Google, one of the first things you get is changing them. One Kia owner interviewed states, "It looks way more futuristic than the old one." Another owner states, "I am actually satisfied with the new logo. The previous one wasn't actually their best".


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