Exotic Ferrari Purosangue SUV to hit the streets in 2022 with daring new look

Ferrari Purosangue, is the much anticipated SUV from Ferrari. Will it succeed?

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An SUV is a shocking move for Ferrari, a brand so tied to motorsports, but also a certain one after the success of the Bentley Bentayga, the Lamborghini Urus, and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. We're sure Ferrari won't deign to call it an SUV. Might we suggest "SAD"? Being developed under the Purosangue name—that's Italian for "thoroughbred" or "pure blood"—the crossover sits on a new front-engine GT platform that also will underpin some more conventional Ferrari grand tourers.

The Drive Train

Although Ferrari's GT cars have traditionally been powered by 12-cylinder engines, we anticipate the Purosangue will switch to a smaller turbocharged unit, most likely a V-8 working with a generous measure of hybrid assistance. We know the platform will use a rear-mounted transaxle, so it would be logical for the front axle to be electrically powered. We would be surprised if it didn't have at least as much power as the 641-hp Lambor­ghi­ni Urus, and likely a significant chunk more.

Did Internet force Ferrari to build a SUV?

Ferrari likes money. [I can't believe you like money, too. We should hang out!—Ed.] Building a product to match market demand makes a huge amount of green, crinkly sense, especially given the premium that buyers will be prepared to pay for a prancing horse on their ute. Then again, it's possible that the idea of a Ferrari SUV will seem as ludicrous in five years as it did five years ago. As recently as 2016, late Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne told financial analysts, "You have to shoot me first" for such a thing to happen. RIP Sergio.

If all rumors are to be believed, the Ferrari SUV should arrive in 2022 and will cost at least $350K and above.

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