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Exotics on Washington

A lot of class, a little recklessness - everything you want in a meetup

15w ago

The show put on by Savage houston a week or two ago was a great showing of high end exotics. Their group seems to be a bunch of wealthy friends who like to enjoy their cars vs. leaving em in the garage to stew. I'm a big fan.

The show was really well organized and they had some legitimately interesting and unusual cars like the above Pagani Roadster. It's not often you run into one of those and the guy actually drove it in and out like his regular car.

Unfortunately about halfway through the show, some guy in a charger got annoyed that his scat pack ride wasn't included in the obviously exotics-only show. HIs response was to do typical scat pack stuff and then accidentally run into the group of people on the side of the road while failing to maintain control while spinning out. Thankfully everyone was ok and the guy left.

Beyond that, there was a cool Lamborghini Diablo VT which I had not seen before. I think this one might be sponsored by the dealership but wasn't sure. Either way, the massive V12 looks insane in the rear engine compartment (technically rear-mid, but you go to the back to see it...)

While not the most expensive, the Ferarri Testarossa is a tried and true fan favorite with an approachable sticker price compared to the other models. The styling has kept in touch as well in my opinion - but to each their own.

All my JDM fans out there - don't worry. There was some fun for you too. An original Acura NSX graced our presence! Was a cool ride and there was even another red one directly to the right of this picture that I didn't (sadly) get a snap of.

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  • Is this Washington DC or Washington state? (I live in Washington state and I really want to see a Pagani)

      3 months ago
    • Unfortunately not - down in Houston Texas! Come down, its not cold and there are some cool cars

        3 months ago
    • Oh I get why you asked washington. The meet was called "exotics ON washington" cause it was on washington avenue, in houston

        3 months ago