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Opportunity cost is the theme this week as we compare the most expensive optional extras to buying Honda Fits/Jazzes for the same money.

I was recently rewatching a Chris Harris review of the Ferrari GTC4Lusso which astonished a younger Chris not just because of its driving capabilities, but also because the test car he had, was fitted with an optional extra sunroof which costed a wopping $13000. That got me wondering. Are there other optional extras with much more insane sticker prices? I did my research and my mind was blown away after reading such a piece done by the guys from wheels24.co.za

The following are the ones I found and to help contextualize how expensive these extras are, I decided to use our very own Peoples Car, The Honda Fit, to see how many one could buy for the same amount of money. Bear in mind that a mint condition Honda Fit second gen at the time of this write up is $5000 on average.

Bugatti Veyron Carbon Finish

When the Veyron came out it broke a lot of records not just in performance figures but in dollar bills as well. When it was still in production, customers could option it with a Carbon Finish as you can see from the picture above. It cost a jaw dropping $304 000. Now if you were to do the math, that’s 60 Honda Fits for you.

Bentley Bentayga Breitling Clock

Known as the pinnacle of luxury (whenever Rolls Royce is not in the room). Bentley never fails to provide astronomical levels of luxury. This belief also extends to its newest creations and one of them is their SUV which they call the Bentayga. If you feel your Bentayga just needs a little cherry of bling on top you can option it with a Breitling clock in the centre console. That clock will however set you back $160 000 or if you want to start your own Honda Fit Dealership you can afford 32 of them.

Porsche 918 Spyder Liquid Metal Paint

When the Porsche 918 Spyder was still in production, you could option it with liquid metal paint, which was better than regular paint because.... (insert reason here). At a cool cost of $70 000 that option was yours. However given that limited numbers of these cars were made, perhaps the ones with this paint job may prove to be valuable when it reaches “Classic car” status. If you are not into that, then you could instead opt to get 14 Honda Fits.

Mercedes Maybach Granite Interior

Though this feature can now be optioned on other Mercedes for quite less these days, back when it was optioned for the 2005 Maybach it was something to behold and the cost to have that fitted was also eye watering. If you wanted a granite interior, you had to part with $66 000. Given how much these cars have depreciated however, its nothing short of cringy as most of them these days, are just above the value of that optional extra, or in Zimbabwean currency, 13 Honda Fits, with a bit of change left over for fuel.

Rolls Royce Phantom Rear Seat Divider

This is most appropriate in these days of the pandemic where I assume the rich would not want to share the same air as their help. Fortunately with your next Rolls Royce Phantom purchase you can option it with a Rear seat divider. Whether its for your safety or privacy for what I can only classify as “Backseat Extra Curricula Activities" Rolls Royce has you covered. It is the cheapest option on this list at $34 716. For such buyers, that figure is nothing to them. To me however, I could gift every member of my family with one Honda Fit each, including our pet dog and cat.

Author: Tinotenda Nyakudzuka

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  • Options can wait, i think people get overcharged. Something has to be done about that, the premiums are way to much! I'll take a billion honda fits 😎

      18 days ago
    • And lets not forget about depreciation. Look at the Maybach I mentioned. It has depreciated so much that today the whole car is barely the value of one optional extra.

        17 days ago