Expensive Tires Aren't Always Worth It

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Do expensive tires perform better? Are expensive tires worth the additional cost? AAA recently performed a study with 12 different all-season tires, in two different price categories, for two different vehicles. A 2017 Ford F-150 and a 2017 Toyota Camry were selected for the test since they are the most popular passenger cars and light trucks, representative of what many people are driving. Each car had six different tires were tested, and each tires had two sets: one brand new, and one set worn down to 4/32nds.

The results they found are fascinating, as price is not the leading factor in which determines whether or not a tire will perform well in the wet (new or worn), even among competing tires within the same category. There were large variations among the individual tires, and to make the best decision when purchasing tires, it's ideal to look up information on the individual tires you are considering. Some higher cost tires proved to be worth it, while others didn't perform as well as lower cost tires. Check out the video for full details!

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  • Performance means a lot of different things. Yes, you can easily overbuy tires. There's no point in getting tires rated for a speed higher than you car can go, or you will likely ever go. Thinking of going "+1"? Now you're trading ride comfort for a wee bit of crisper handling. Maybe, if the rest of the suspension is tweaked, too.

    There's more to buying tires than "does it fit?". Read the reviews for a few tires, for your specific car.

    Me? I prefer Pirelli's.

    1 month ago
  • I'm laughing that you are using a) all season tires and 2) an F150 and a Camry to test "performance tires". Seriously guys? How are you defining performance, how long you can see tread? Bet that 150 corners like a dream...

    5 months ago
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