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20w ago
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- Real Racing 3

This is the tale of a snake whose heart is a V10 engine capable of holding 8 litres of gas and provides stable to 640 horses. The Dodge Viper was the very car used to shut mouths of rich kids showing off in their Ferraris and lamborghinis. A car whose engine is developed by Lamborghini packs all the oomph. Dodge took inspiration from classic sports cars of the 60s for styling cues, and used a simple recipe of downing weight and upping Horsepower. This recipe was so much used that they the 1st gen Viper (1992) came without roof and windows. The 2 gen Viper came in 2003 with more day to day usability and special track editions such as ACR, which featured a wing straight away snapped off from a plane (at this point I am exaggerating). After being discontinued twice the Viper came back in 2013 with a lot of trim levels. The most desirable one being the ACR came with a 1776mm spoiler which could downpress the car by 1700 pounds! Summing it all up, The Viper moves like Viper, looks like a Viper, and it certainly is Viper of all cars.

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