- P​C: Deepanjan Sarkar

E​xperiencing the INR 3.8 crore Aston Martin DBX

A​ proper leather castle inside

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Luxury car owners and connoisseurs must’ve lost their minds when Aston Martin launched its first-ever SUV, the DBX, in India earlier this year. With a starting price of INR 3.82 crores (or $510,310), the British luxury SUV is an expensive proposition thanks to the excessive taxes levied on it for being a CBU.

Even though the DBX enjoys boasting a desirable badge upfront, it has its work cut out with its competition comprising the Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover, Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus and the Audi RS Q8. With a 542bhp 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 unit sourced from Mercedes AMG, it still isn’t the most powerful offering in the stable but is certainly one of the more stylish ones.

India gets just one dealership for the British brand, and that’s in the capital city of New Delhi. But when prospective customers lured a DBX to get shipped to the Eastern city of Kolkata, I couldn’t let go of the opportunity to experience this charming SUV first-hand.

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My first ever Aston Experience

The entire experience of sitting inside an Aston Martin DBX was quite different in many ways than I imagined. Starting from the dimensions, which didn’t come across as gigantic. It feels adequately big.

In terms of street presence, the car doesn’t stand out like an NBA player in a classroom. It instead arrests your attention but slyly, like a supermodel in a bank. And while all its competitors look big and brawny, the Aston looks the sportiest with those creases and bulges and that ducktail spoiler borrowed from an actual sports car - the Vantage.

P​C: Deepanjan Sarkar

P​C: Deepanjan Sarkar

Sit inside, and you’ll be taken aback by two things. First, the more evident plushness. The entire surface area has been swathed in leather. And if not leather, other expensive elements such as aluminium or Alcantara were utilised to make parts such as seats, door handles and even paddle shifters.

The other thing is spaciousness. One can’t fathom the generous space on offer inside by analysing the exterior dimensions. And if anything, the panoramic sunroof atop provides an additional sense of airiness. Even the boot is only second to the Porsche Cayenne in its class of Range Rovers, Bentley Bentaygas, Audi RS Q8s with 680-litres.

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The digital speedometer had a sharp screen with crisp graphics, but the infotainment system, essentially a Mercedes unit with Aston’s layering, felt rather satisfactory. Like the infotainment unit, the centre console button orientation would remind you of the last-gen Mercedes’ which isn’t a good thing considering this is an all-new car. But I’d rather look and keep feeling up the leather-wrapped cabin and those elegant door handles.

Unfortunately, the driving aspect is where my luck ran out. Though, to read up about the feeling of getting behind the wheel of the DBX, view DT Middle East and India ambassador Shivaum Punjabi's review below.

P​icture Courtesy: Deepanjan Sarkar

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  • Drop an AMG sourced V12TT in there and take out the wallowing body roll. THEN they have something. As it stands it's a soccer mom mobile. That is to say it's not an enthusiasts dream machine ... yet. I'm afraid the boffins at AM are not even considering a V12TT. Everything is going electric. This will too.

      1 month ago
    • You're telling the recipe for a supercar. They already have that. And yeah, this was made to appeal to families and soccer moms alike, so that our fond sports cars could procure enough R&D money and get made.

      And yeah, I believe this could be...

      Read more
        1 month ago
  • My friend got a Porsche Cayenne and I sat in it and I got to say it was really comfortable, it’s 2 crores cheaper than the dbx, but even though the dbx makes more power you don’t buy an suv for the power but for practicality and for getting from one place to another

      1 month ago