Extreme E - an all-electric rally racing series - officially revealed in London

2w ago


After months of rumors, officials unveiled the Extreme E series on Thursday. The series is a pioneering electric off-road racing series taking place in five of the most unique and remote locations on the planet and was launched by motorsport legend Gil de Ferran and entrepreneur Alejandro Agag.

The concept will showcase electric sport utility vehicles (SUVs) competing in extreme environments, highlighting the prowess of such vehicles, star drivers and advanced technologies.

Set to commence in January 2021, five events will be staged in locations of outstanding natural beauty, which are under threat from climate change and other challenges, such as - the Arctic, the Himalayas, Sahara Desert, the Amazon rainforest and islands in the Indian Ocean.

By demonstrating the performance of electric cars racing in these harsh terrains and conditions - Extreme E wants to play a key role in raising global awareness of the specific issues each environment faces, such as melting ice caps, deforestation, desertification, retreating mountain glaciers, plastic pollution and rising sea levels.

Seeking to set new standards in sports broadcasting, Extreme E will be captured as a first-of-its-kind ‘docu-sport’ TV series - produced by Academy Award winning filmmaker and new Artistic Director of Extreme E, Fisher Stevens.

Launched on board the former Royal Mail Ship - St. Helena - beside Tower Bridge in London, Extreme E is committed to reducing its carbon emissions, alongside ongoing legacy initiatives at each destination to help protect already damaged ecosystems impacted by climate change.

Acclaimed British explorer and environmentalist David de Rothschild will be Chief Explorer of Extreme E and lead the mission to take electric racing to some of the world’s most remote locations. In the same spirit of great expeditions of the past, all equipment will travel by sea, on board the near 7,000-ton vessel, which previously delivered supplies to the island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean. RMS St. Helena will act as a ‘floating paddock’ for Extreme E and will be modernized and improved using renewable energy technologies.

Operated in association with Formula E, organizers of the rapidly-growing ABB FIA Formula E Championship, Extreme E will use a traditional round-robin format with two groups of six teams – with the top-four progressing to the knock-out stage and each driver going head-to-head to earn a place in the final. The off-road stages will be around 6-10km in length with a series of virtual gates to be navigated through by drivers - in a mixture of extreme heat and humidity, high altitude and subzero temperatures.

“This is a hugely exciting project,” de Ferran, chairman of the series said. “Extreme E offers a unique sport, adventure and entertainment concept that has never been seen or done before. Viewers can expect a completely new way of consuming sport, with each episode telling not just the story of a race, but the wider race of awareness and the need to protect these remote and challenging environments being explored by Extreme E.”