- The Odyssey 21 in a cool "X44" livery.

Extreme E racing gets an all new team.

The name X44 will obviously give out who started it. But there is more to it than what meets the eye.

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What is Extreme E?

Like WRC, Extreme E is a racing series that involves fully electric cars to race at remote locations that are affected by climate change like the snowy Arctic or the arid Sahara. This will not only promote electric mobility but also raise awareness on the rising climate change problems and global warming.

Who started X44?

X44 is a team started by 6 time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton. The team will come into effect in 2021 and has the same goals that Extreme E plans to achieve. Lewis as a person is seriously against climate change and is ready to do anything in his power to stop it and as a racing driver has all the experience in his hands to make his team successful. So there is no doubt that X44 as a team is going to give us many thrilling moments in the future!

What car will they be using?

The car is called Odyssey 21. It is a car like no other. Producing 400 KW (550 HP) and weighing 1650 KG, it can sprint to 100 KMPH in 4.5 sec even in a 130 percent gradient slope! That's phenomenal. It will be using all terrain tires made by Continental and has a body made of niobium-reinforced steel alloy tubular frame. Which all means it's light and nimble.

The battery pack is made by Williams advanced engineering who are a successful team in F1. And I will be writing about another marvelous feat done by them which has to do with a deal between Williams and Singer. So follow me here on Drivetribe and on instagram @mohansatish911.

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