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Extreme E Unveils New "GridPlay" Concept

A new fan engagement concept, how will your votes affect the final race?

29w ago

"As a series we are looking for innovative ways to engage fans making them feel part of Extreme E and have a voice when it comes to racing, particularly as we won't have spectators on site as part of our sustainability endeavours"

Alejandro agag, XE founder and chief executive

Extreme E has today announced their new "GridPlay" fan engagement concept, allowing you to influence the grid positions for the final X-Prix of each round.

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The exciting introduction of 'GridPlay' will allow fans to vote for their favourite of the eight teams ahead of the final race, with the team that secures the most votes being able to choose its starting position in the final X-Prix, potentially giving that team a vital advantage at the start.

For the teams that fail to get to the final, they can each share their votes with one of the teams in the final, which could see rivalries form and games played as the championship starts hotting up.

The other three teams who made it to the final will have their grid positions set by the points they scored in the previous heats.

The race format of the exciting new off-road electric SUV series will be two days of non-stop, wheel to wheel action.

Saturday will consist of a series of qualifying heats to set the grids for the two semi-finals on Sunday.

Sunday will consist of two semi-finals, all in a bid to find the fastest four teams, who will duke it out in the final to find the overall winner of the weekend.

Mattias Ekstrom, two-time DTM champion and 2016 rallycross champion, who has already been confirmed to compete in Extreme E with ABT in 2021 seems excited by the new concept: " I already love GridPlay."

"In Extreme E, the fans can make the decision. They can get more engaged with our sport and we as drivers have to make sure to get them on our side. This is one of so many details that makes this series so different to anything we have seen so far."

Sara Price of Chip Ganassi Racing and the first driver that was confirmed to be competing in Extreme E in 2021 was also enthusiastic about the concept: "I've never seen this done before in racing. It's going to be a great way for the teams and drivers to connect with younger audiences.

"I think it will add a really fun and exciting dynamic to the sport and the future of motorsports"

The pursuit of fan engagement mirrors Extreme E's sister series, Formula E, which was also founded by Alejandro Agag.

Formula E fans will be familiar with 'Fanboost', which has been used in the series since its maiden season in 2014-15. Votes are made by the fans until 15 minutes before the race and the top 5 drivers with the most votes are given a short power boost to use anytime throughout the race.

This comes after Extreme E added another unique concept to their series: 'Hyperboost', which gives the team who jumps the furthest on the first jump, an extra boost of power that can be deployed at any time over that race.

Extreme E's Inaugural season kicks off 21st January in Senegal, live on the BBC.

Get involved by using the hashtags #ExtremeELive and #GridPlay, as well as follow Extreme E on Twitter and Instagram: @ExtremeELive

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