F-toys Honda City with Motocompo

Well... the Motocompo is nice at least.

My recent post of the almighty Tesla Cybertruck got some attention for hauling a cute Honda Motocompo. Per @Martin Jeszenszki's request here is a post of the full set! I got this Honda city from a good friend overseas whom had purchased a bunch of F-toys goodies. He knew I was a huge fan of the Honda City so we traded some cars. While I am glad that I have this in my collection, it's definitely not without it's flaws. I also vaguely remember this set coming in a box with a stick of gum and I believe that is because including gum with the set allowed for this to be sold in Japanese candy stores.

From a distance it's not toooooo bad. Really good proportions and nice accurate details. This is not a diecast car. It is 100% plastic.

Once you start to focus on the details... the lack of quality really shines out. Windshield is lop sided. details have heavy overspray/underspray. It's kind of a mess. lol

Moving to the back... the bumper is crooked and one of the taillights is upside down. I think someone rear ended this car in the parking lot and rattled the taillight loose. So, hoping nobody would notice, they quickly affixed the taillight back on the car using gum (that came with a honda city toy) and ran for it.

Bottom of the car is nicely detailed though!

The true stars of the set are the nice little Motocompo and alarmed lady that also feature matching paint overspray.

While the City is a bit of an eyesore. I am really happy to have the Motocompo in my collection for diorama pics. It's a nice little detailed accessory that is fun to include in pictures. :)

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Comments (3)

  • have yet two honda city variations, this kyosho, and the turbo II from Tomica. the second one let us a little bit closer to the motocompo, but still not removable :( i want a motocompo so baaad :D

      1 month ago
  • You got a beater. Which is okay.

      1 month ago
  • OH, you did it, you son of a... did it :D i'm amazed and flattered! Thank you for sharing!

      1 month ago