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HE: Maxy Verstap - He's on fire at the moment. The Interlagos Circuit should suit the Red Bull. I reckon that it could be pretty damn close though, so I'm probably wrong.

BH: Max Verstappen – He was agonisingly close to achieving pole position in Mexico, but I feel as if he might just steal it here. Theoretically, Interlagos should suit that Red Bull more than the long straights in Mexico and that could well give Maxy Verstap the advantage.

SS: Danny Ric – I feel like he needs to step up now that Max has reallt started to perform against the big boys. He is no longer guaranteed the number one spot and he needs to come out fighting here.


HE: Sebastian Vettel - Vettel needs to end his 2017 season strong. The title challenge fell apart so he'll be looking to regain some momentum before 2018. The Ferrari race pace is strong, Vettel just needs to keep out of trouble...

BH: Max Verstappen – After a tough season, it’s good to see Verstappen find some rhythm and form towards the end of the year. The boy’s been on fire over the last few races and has demonstrated some excellent race pace, some more of that could give him another 25 points here.

SS: RiccyBobby – The Oz can push through here, he hasn’t had too many wins in his career but I feel he is getting back into the rhythm of that Red Bull and maybe needs to start showing off to potential suiters.


HE: Max Verstappen - If Vettel wins, then Verstappen will be pushing him right until the end. Expect to see a mammoth battle for first place this weekend.

BH: Daniel Ricciardo – A couple of untimely retirements has meant that 4th place in the championship will be a close fight between himself and Raikkonen. A good result here could alleviate some of that pressure. Additionally, Verstappen has been getting a lot of attention recently and I’m sure Ricciardo will want to take some of that away.

SS: Sebastian Vettel – Down but not out, he is a man that is always consistent. Although the fight may be over and lost, I feel Seb will want to show he can still beat Lewis and the Silver Arrows on track.


HE: Lewis Hamilton - He'll be relaxed after sealing his fourth world title, will we see a repeat of the end of the 2015 season where Hamilton took his foot off the gas slightly? The Mercedes may not be the quickest this weekend, but a podium is likely.

BH: Sebastian Vettel – Vettel’s outside chance of the championship may now have gone, but he’ll still be determined to beat Valtteri Bottas to 2nd place. We’ve seen in previous years that Vettel likes Brazil so another podium is definitely on the cards for him.

SS: Max Verstappen – Max has had an incredibly strong end to the season considering his car fell apart 84 times this year. He really is a talent for the future and one we all need to keep an eye on in the seasons to come. Is there a move on the cards in the next 12 months?


HE: Lewis Hamilton flies into Brazil, wins the GP and leaves again without paying taxes. It's okay though because NOBODY CARES

BH: Ericsson – With just one lap to go, Marcus Ericsson is in 11th place and looks set to miss out any points once again. Just a few corners to go and Ericsson’s fate seems sealed….but wait……IS THAT GLOCK? IT IS GLOCK. Ericsson overtakes the German and celebrates P10 like a madman. His team then have the task of telling him that Glock wasn’t actually in the race.

SS: Massa retires again but Brazil can’t be bothered to create the incredibly emotional display they did last year, so they all have a fiesta on track. Lewis Hamilton gets so “turnt up” he doesn’t know where his car is and does the race on Jolyon Palmer’s back.

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  • We'll miss Felipe? I sincerely doubt I'll even notice come March. His time has been and gone; he should've stayed retired.

      3 years ago
    • You're rather cold hearted Alan, Felipe has been a pretty great ambassador for the sport.

        3 years ago
  • Vettel will do everything in his powers to stay the youngest pole sitter ever. 😂

      3 years ago