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HE: Lewis Hamilton - Momentum seems to have swung in favour of Hamilton and the Mercs now. This track should suit the Mercedes and Hamilton and I can see him extending his advantage.

BH: Sebastian Vettel – Vettel desperately needs a win to keep the pressure on Hamilton in first. Over the years, Vettel has become somewhat of a Malaysian master and is seeking win number 5 at the circuit this weekend. His best chance of beating Hamilton may be on the run down to turn 1, considering the carnage we’ve seen there before, that isn’t out of the question.

SS: Lewis Hamilton – In championships gone by, Lewis has made some silly and amateurish mistakes which maybe you wouldn’t expect from a three times world champion. But this season, it is safe to say Lewis has been by far the most consistent out of the top 6 drivers and I think he can see this through.


HE: Sebastian Vettel - Championship Over? Could well be. Vettel just needs luck now and a bit of fortune. I'm not sure that will happen this weekend if I'm honest. I hope I'm wrong!

BH: Lewis Hamilton – In the space of a couple of races, Hamilton has gone from the hunter to the hunted and he needs to keep mistakes at a minimum. Last year’s Malaysian GP ended in disaster for Hamilton, he’ll be looking to put that behind him and obtain a solid result.

SS: Valtteri Bottas – Desperate to get a good run of form under his belt and failing to impress unless fortunate circumstances come his way, Bottas needs a strong showing this weekend to keep and chance of him not just being a number 2 to Hamilton alive.


HE: Max Verstappen - The boy just deserves some bloody good luck!! I think it will be his turn for a podium this weekend.

BH: Valtteri Bottas – overall, I think Bottas has had a pretty good debut season for Mercedes, however his race in Singapore was pretty awful and could be the most undeserving of the season so far. Fortunately, his fellow Finn Kimi Raikkonen has been poor himself and the Red Bulls may struggle at the circuit, this gives Bottas a clear run to a podium.

SS: Sebastian Vettel – Ferrari are not ideal in a straight line and Malaysia is a huge power track in the Asian segment of the calendar. Mercedes have shown that in a straight line they have a speed advantage and we all know how crucial those two straights are around here to succeed, nothing to do with Seb here, I just feel he won’t have the performance to fight with the Silver Arrows.


HE: Formula 1 fans stop having a pop at one another and just enjoy the glorious sport? Maybe? Just for once.

BH: Gasly retires due to unforeseen circumstances – With Gasly running in a very respectable 7th place, it seems certain that he’ll see out the race, gain 6 points and leapfrog Kvyat in the standings after just one race behind the wheel. Unfortunately for him, Kvyat has other ideas and brings along a torpedo to take Gasly out of the race.

SS: Is this the weekend that Palmer rides a Llama? I’ve been asking for so many races, and with the chances of a drive next season dwindling, will we ever see such an incredible sight? I’ve had a private chat with Jolyon, and he said maybe there is something that can be done at 7pm on Monday, after the race weekend on DriveTribe.

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