- Can Ferrari Catch up?

F1 2019 Done and Dusted?

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Is the Season really over after its just started, I can hear you asking.

No, is the simple answer. Well not yet anyway.

2019 was supposed to be the scuderia year after an amazing 2019 winter test, however after Merc's 5 YES 5 One, Two victories its started to look bleak for the scarlet team. Even though it looks like Mercedes are going to grab themselves a record breaking 6 titles in row, you shouldn't count Ferrari out yet.

Spain was going to be a reset for Ferrari as they Craved to stop Mercedes dominance at a track where only 3 months ago were the title favourites. But it wasn't to be, A mixture of lack of pace and strange strategy calls cost Ferrari a podium let alone the win, as even Red Bulls Max Verstappen was faster than both of the Ferrari's and continued his pretty stellar start to his 2019 campaign.

So how are Ferrari going to sort themselves out?

Spain expos Ferrari weaknesses

Mattia Binotto

Well from what Binotto says,"Spain exposed Ferrari

weaknesses" Which means something on the areo side of things. As the Prancing Horse has brought a big update to the engine, As straight line speed was definitely there in Spain. As well as Bahrain so that's not the issue. I believe, unfortunately something is fundamentally wrong with Ferrari's car, which hopefully is a quick fix, so this championship can actually start. However after all this you really can't take anything away from Mercedes, as they really believed they were on the back foot, how wrong they were!


Moving on the German crew, i wont be saying that again, after 5 one, twos i can imagine they are becoming a little bored, i know i would be. As Lewis Hamilton wishes Ferrari and Red Bull could join the fight. As he cruised to an easy victory is Barcelona. Well maybe if Merc can slow down we could see that, Hey Lewis? But he has his own internal fight with Bottas 2.0 who made another appearance this weekend.

What a lap from the bearded man! 6 tenths up on the best qualifier in history, stick that on your CV mate. But an Excellent Saturday was a slight contrast to the Sunday, a "Bad Clutch" hindered Bottas' start and that was that, A bit like China then or was it Bahrain where he had a bad start, one of the two, very Professional I know.

To Conclude

But hey, Those are my thoughts on the Spanish GP, a bit of a boring one, hopefully not like the rest of the season or were going to need another Netflix Doc ASAP. I hope Ferrari will improve as I want a decent championship fight this year, maybe one where Bottas wins? Or maybe Red Bull can even get Verstappen in the mix, now that I would like to see.

Question of The Week:

Will Verstappen be in the Championship fight this season?

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