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F1 2019 is my favourite racing game out at the moment. Following the disaster that was F1 2018 on PC; I had very high hopes for the following game - and Codemasters delivered. The game has been out for 7 months now, and it is around this time that players start speculating about next this year's game...

B​efore I start off with my first point, I think you need a little bit of context if you aren't familiar with the F1 2019 game.

T​he F1 2019 game was the first in the franchise to include Formula 2 cars straight out of the box. Fans were very excited to drive the lower tier of Formula cars before making the move up to the top level. However, gamers were left somewhat disappointed when they found out that the F2 career was only made up of three scenario modes before moving up to Formula One.

D​on't get me wrong, I very much enjoyed this feature and have replayed it a couple of times - I just wish we could have had a full season in F2 before moving up to F1. Although, one thing I do appreciate is that your Formula 2 rivals move up to F1 with you!

Your F2 rivals, Weber (left) and Butler (right).

Your F2 rivals, Weber (left) and Butler (right).

The fun, yet slightly unfinished F2 career was the inspiration behind this post. So without taking up anymore time, let's take a look at my F1 2020 wishlist:

#1 - An expanded career mode

I explained above that the short F2 feature was the main disappointment for me with last year's game. As a huge Formula One fan, I was really looking forward to the experience of completing a season in F2 before moving up to the top division.

I understand that the 2019 game was likely a test year for Codemasters to see if the F2 concept was a success - which is was. But, I really do hope that the 2020 game features a season-long Formula 2 career, with cutscenes of your rivals happening every race or two. I am aware this is a lot of work for the British company, but I have faith that it is possible if they were to build next year's game with the foundations of the 2019 game.

I would also love to see the cutscenes continue as you head into Formula One, as it shows the constant rivalry between the characters. It would allow for much more authentic gameplay, as well as make a person's savefile feel even more unique than it is now.

Winning the F2 championship.

Winning the F2 championship.

#2 - The ability to start your career from anywhere in the 2010's

Imagine this - instead of choosing the Formula 2 career path at the start of the game, you are able to start from any year in the 2010's decade that you like. You develop the car for that year, and when the season finishes; the R&D points you collect go towards the strength of next year's car - which means you drive a different car every year. For example, once completing the 2014 season in a Mercedes, you can start the next season in the 2015 Mercedes.

Just think of how exciting it would be racing with classic drivers from the last decade, such as Michael Schumacher, Jenson Button, Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso through one career mode! The cars since the F1 2016 game have been very high quality, so a lot of the work would be able to go into the career aspect, rather than re-making the cars!

However, if we want to be realistic here; this is a feature that would be very difficult to pull off in the amount of time that they have to make the game. Shortcuts would have to be made, such as avoiding podium cutscenes and post-race interviews, but I would still enjoy it without those things!

I started my career at Renault. Imagine how cool it would be to start in the the 2010 Renault F1 car!

I started my career at Renault. Imagine how cool it would be to start in the the 2010 Renault F1 car!

#3 - Mechanical failures for the players

This is a bizarre one to ask for, as a player; but I would love to see mechanical failures happen for the players at random times.

At the moment, the system is designed in a way that the player will only experience a failure once their engine or gearbox hits 100% wear. However, you will see your championship rivals retire a few times a season, which makes the experience feel a bit unfair to the AI - especially if you are good at managing components.

When playing an F1 game, I really want the experience to be as realistic as possible - likely because I enjoy the simulation side of racing games. I understand that this is a feature that many F1 fans would not want to have in their career mode, so why not make it a toggleable option?

The night-time graphics for F1 2019 are fantastic.

The night-time graphics for F1 2019 are fantastic.

#4 - Classic tracks

The F1 games have included many classic cars in the last few editions of the game. We have seen the cars that Senna and Prost battled for the title with, the Renault car that won Fernando Alonso his first world championship; Lewis Hamilton's 2008 title winning car, as well as the unforgettable 2009 Brawn GP car.

While the addition of these cars is something that is very much appreciated by us Formula One players, classic tracks don't seem to get very much love in the franchise.

We saw the Jerez circuit in the 2013 game, which was a track I very much enjoyed racing around - why not add more tracks, such as the old layouts of Spa and Monza; as well as Imola, the Nürburgring circuit, the Malaysian GP circuit (which is more recent), and even the epic Brands Hatch circuit? This would be a blast to the past for a lot of F1 fans, and it would be the perfect idea to go hand-in-hand with the classic cars...

#5 - Cross platform multiplayer

To those of you who play F1 2019 online, have you ever tried to go online and find barely any lobbies for you to join? I have found this is the case sometimes, and would welcome cross platform multiplayer happily.

Think about how fun it would be to play the PC version of F1 with your friend who is a console player? It would make joining YouTube lobbies much easier, as everyone can play with everyone - no matter what the console is!

#6 - The minor improvements

There are a few features that I would like to see for the 2020 game that are not quite deserving of their own section or are too big to expect in the upcoming version, but still something I would love to see! Here is my list:

- Manager mode: Would it not be awesome to play as a character such as Toto Wolff and be able to hire any F1 driver in the last few years as a driver for your team? You could even manage the team's money, development and make strategy calls in the races!

- More realistic crash physics: The current crash physics in the F1 games are a bit underwhelming. The wheels are connected to the car via wheel tethers - which is a very nice touch; however this is probably the best part about the whole system. Crashing into a wall at 200mph should not result in a broken wing and one wheel falling off. I would love to see the barriers move forward, the car start to crumple and sidepods get damaged. Obviously they would have to code it so that the driver's don't look like they would be injured - but I would like to see something a bit more realistic.

- Better team radio: The team radio in the F1 games are good, but I would like to hear a wider range of phrases said by the engineer as it does get a bit repetitive sometimes. Why not add some more engineers, such as female characters or engineers with different accents? Sorry Jeff, but your voice does get a bit frustrating sometimes...

- More career mode/racing features: I would like to see features added to career mode that will allow the user to obtain more resource points (R&D points), such as the practice tests. These could change between weekends to give a bit more variety.

- Free-drive: I would love to be able to have a free drive mode, where you can pick any car and any track, being able to drive without using the time-trial timer. Maybe they could add practice modes such as those in the career mode for the player to practice on!

- The red flag: We haven't had the red flags for a few years now. Please bring it back, Codemasters!

Final thoughts

And that wraps up my wishlist for the 2020 Formula One game by Codemasters. Obviously I don't expect any of these features to be in the game, and am extremely grateful for the hard work the developers put into making the games as good as possible for the players. If anybody at Codemasters reads this article, please consider these ideas, I'm sure a lot of fans will agree with some of these points; and thank you for your hard work!

What would you like to see in the Formula One 2020 game? Let me know in the comments below.

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